Backing up a smashed One PlusOne

Hey guys!

So I dropped my phone face first and I smashed the screen, the screen lights up etc but touch does not work. I am currently preparing the phone for a backup (well trying to) before I send the device away for replacement. I am currently running CM12s with the latest TWRP recovery.

I was wanting to do a nandroid backup on the device but I cannot use the screen thus not being able to get a full backup.
I have ADB turned off (regrettably) on the phone itself when its on, however I want some advice on how to exactly do a full backup.

Is there any custom recovery which supports navigation with volume buttons? Which could allow me to copy the backup on a USB stick? Or any other method which would allow me to back the phone up?

Boot into fast boot mode (Hard poweroff then power button + volume up) then dump your data partition:

adb pull /sdcard/

So I was so stupid to ignore the fact that you can simply plug in a OTG USB cable and mouse into any android phone, so then you can do a titanium backup (root needed of course) and pull off information like that.

I pulled off a couple of days old (from the time I broke the device) TWRP backup, so I'm happy enough.

I will post a follow up forum thread on my backup solution to make sure I don't do that crap again :(