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Backing up a risky RAID 0

I am finally upgrading from my Intel SmartResponse Cached RAID 10 array (4x 3TB Seagate SV35 + 256GB 960 Pro) for and editing to a 4x 860 QVO RAID 0 array. Yes I know the risks of RAID 0 and yes I know theyre QLC but ignore that.

What are some suggestions for backing this up? Built in Win10 File History? I also own a copy of acronis. Also what size HDD would be recommend for backing up the 8TB array?

Thanks in advance.

whats wrong with the windows backup tool? maybe I’m missing something here?

That would be the mentioned File History. Nothing is wrong with that persay, just wondering if there is a better solution that may apply more directly to this situation.

I’m not sure how file history has anything to do with the utility for specifically backing up in windows, my bad for the confusion. Without understanding how much data you actually have, and what hardware is available to you I cant really tell you the quickest and easiest way to move it.

Theres some questions that come to mind…

Is your OS installed to the array?
Do you want to keep it if so?
What is your hardware setup exactly?
Can both arrays occupy the same machine?
How much data do you actually have?

I have 1 array a 8TB 4x2TB 860 QVO RAID 0 which is replacing the previously mentioned SSD cached HDD RAID 10. I need a way to actively backup the RAID 0 to a single internal HDD within the same system.

I’m more wondering about software for backing up the array actively for something that is going to be changing large amounts regularly. For the drive itself I’ll just grab a decent one thats big enough at the recommended size. 8TB would obviously be the minimum but I have a feeling a 10 or even 12 might be better.

So the entire array is full? You only need a drive big enough to hold how much data you have on the array. That was why he was asking. Though, transferring it to a single drive is risky in itself (at the least you want to verify the backup and keep the old array intact in case the restore is botched somehow). Also sounds like you want to do this while the array is being actively used? As far as I remember windows servers have a file locking feature that will allow you to get consistent backups on a filesystem that is in use but I’m not sure if that is available on the desktop? Was it called shadow copy? That might be the file versioning. I forget. But honestly it would be best to do the backup when it’s not in use if possible.

If you could have both the old array in the new array in your system at the same time the extra drive is unneeded as well, but kinda doubtful as these are NVME right?

Har, Har… a troll that doesn’t even work on Win10.

It is a 4x 2TB SSD RIAD0 that will be actively used for editing so yes the 8TB drive could potentially be completely full depending what im doing

Ignore the old array really info not needed was just reasoning why i wanted a backup since im going from RAID 10 to RAID 0

Oh, wait, you’re not asking about migrating the data but doing daily backups?

Oops completely misunderstood. I’m honestly not sure of the daily backup solutions on windows anymore.

Also I think I heard something disturbing like you weren’t doing backups on the old array because it was Raid 10? That’s not good. What if you had a disk pair die? Or did I misunderstand again? It is kinda suspect since you’re talking like you didn’t have a backup regiment before this…

Nope i can handle data migration but daily backups of that drive no idea whats best.

I did not have backup since it was just supposed to be an editing temp drive (which also had redundancy) but i recently realized that certain things or certain versions of things were only on it. Previously I would put the original and final on my sever which had redundancy and backups online.

I wont have enough space on the server for 8TB backup even once its upgraded. This RAID 0 willl be backed up online as well but I would like to have something local