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Backing up a cellphone for reset


The most mundane of things turns into the weirdest situation, you know?

Mom says her phone is running slow, acting weird, shut off a couple times on its own. OK, we’ll back all your stuff up and maybe do a reset, maybe just free up space and see what happens.

This is a Note 4, 32GB. It’s using 99% of the storage space. Most of the usage is from app cruft. Still want to backup all the photos just to have the backup.

Plug phone in to my laptop, Fedora 29. Cannot access phone when it’s set to MTP. Can access phone when it’s set to PTP, but cannot see all files.

Plug phone in to a Windows 10 PC, can see and access all files in MTP. Great. Copy all important folders files. Out of habit, I check the copied files and notice that one folder, ‘Pictures,’ doesn’t have any files in it. Check phone, yup there are a whole bunch of pictures in there. Check the computer, nope, nothing. Check the folder properties on the PC, and it shows 1300 or so files and over 1GB. Check folder again, nothing visible but subfolders.





Install a file manager and copy from there? Could just use google drive and upload them all there automatically.



I have problems with MTP on Linux too. I use

as it seems to work better than KDE’s Dolphin MTP thing.

Maybe it’ll help, idk.

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