Back light bleed normal on laptop?

Hello, I have a SAGER NP3240. I got it about two weeks ago from xotic pc. I like the laptop, and when i got it everything seem to be fine. To be brief, yesterday i flipped over in my chair, and in the process knocked my 27in monitor on top of my laptop. I got up, everything seem to be fine. The monitors webcam was pressing against the laptop lcd, but i picked it up quickly and everything seems to be functioning perfect. Then the paranoia hit. I started examining the laptop lcd bleed, and im not sure if it could/did get worse after the drop. Could that be possible? I don't remember how bad it was before the hit, but know im all worried about it. Is this amount of laptop bleed ok, and could i have made it worse by having my monitor fall on the laptop lcd?

Its mostly noticeable on a black screen, here are some pictures, with the brightness at 100%:

New photo by Pasha Shestakov
New photo by Pasha Shestakov

and to be fare, the picture looks a little worse than it is in real life.

No that's not normal. Not terrible, and probably perfectly usable still, but not normal. Just depends on if you're willing to put up with the light bleed or not.