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Back into Gaming... Modern Recommendations?



Prey has been the best game I have played recently. It felt like a mix of Bioshock and Half-Life to me. Which are probably my two most favourite game series.

If you like puzzle games… The Talos Principle is a stellar game.


I see Carball has already been suggested :+1:
By far my favorite game and go-to. I’m a bit over 1000 hours in last I checked.

I’ll also add in:

It’s not an easy game to get into (actually it’s almost prohibitive in that it doesn’t give you a lot of things you need to know). If you do venture into this game, I highly recommend getting someone with experience to help guide you through what you need to know because there’s a lot. Even after 500 hours I’m still learning new things about the game and they’re constantly adding more.

Free to play games often get a bad rep, but this is free to play at its finest. There is literally nothing you can’t grind for and the grind is made fun, not tedious. On top of that, the grind doesn’t really take that much time compared to other games that cost $60 (star wars anyone?).


We have such differnt tastes in games but the reviews on steam I have found really helpfull as well as youtube videos.
Multi player makes it even more difficult since you can’t even play the game unless other people like it too.

30 minutes wating for anyone to show up for Star Wars Battlefront 1, death star DLC
“Oh this sucks”