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B450 recomendations?

So, I just purchased a Ryzen 7 2700 on a black Friday discount price at $150.00 Canadian. Which was a solid deal, given that most R5’s and i3’s fall into this price range at a Canadian price. I probably could have spent $50 dollars more on a 2700X, but I am a bit budget restraint.

The current system I have is a pretty low end Ryzen R5 1600 using the stock cooler with an ASRock A320 Pro Motherboard. The ASRock A320 Pro does support the Ryzen 2700, however, I am looking for something better.

I’m not looking to spend a lot of money, maybe $150 Canadian dollars maximum. Here are a few choices I have…\

What do you all think? This is a mid-lower budget build I am going for. I also have ordered 32GB of DDR4 3200 RAM . As for a video card, I will be pulling the GeForce 1070 out of my current system temporarily, until I replace it with something better.

Watch this

The part about b450 starts around the 20min mark
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Shame about the Mortar Max. It seems to be sold in Europe only. I looked up the price at, and one of these boards would come to about $200 CND with the International fees. Which makes it less of a bargain at that price point. But it does look like a better overall deal than the Tomahawk. Especially with two M.2 slots.

I might still go with am MSI Tomahawk, or a slightly cheaper MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max. I don’t think overclocking will be a high priority with a 2700 flat. But I have to wonder if I should leave a little breathing room if I want to upgrade the CPU down the road in 6 - 8 months?

Also, I do have some interest in this B450-A Pro Max, which is being sold at $100 CND, and looks pretty good at the price. Looks like I am narrowing my choices down to an MSI board of some type.

a B450 board recommendation for a 2700.
I think that based on all the vrm implementations on said b450 boards.
I could only really recommend the Msi B450 Gaming pro carbon.
Non of the b450 atx boards have a great vrm really.
The Msi B450 Gaming pro carbon pretty much has the best of the bunge.
If that board is too pricy then the Msi B450 Tomahawk max.

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Hmm, looking around for MSI B450 Gaming pro carbon’s, it seems to be sold out at most retailers. The cheapest price I can find is from this retailer at $140 CND, on a Cyber Monday deal. But it is also out of stock. Otherwise, the retailers that do have this board in stock want $250 or more. Which is not going to cut it for me. The same website also has a good deal on a B450 Tomahawk. I may jump on that.

I’m also not dead set on the B450 boards, they just seem to fall into the price range that I am willing to pay. What do you think about this MSI X470 Gaming Plus?

Same vrm as the B450 carbon basically.
So in that regards it should be okay for a 2700 stock clocks.

I don´t know how the differences are in regards to US vs CAD,
in terms of the dollar price.

No idea if this still applies but the general consensus a few months back was buy either…

MSI Tomohawk max (atx)
MST Mortar max (matx)

Both should be fine for ryzen 3/5/7 of any generation (1/2/3) with a touch of overclocking (if that’s your thing). No idea about ryzen 9.

I just want to update that I found a B450 MSI Gaming Pro Carbon on sale for $149.99 from a Canadian retailer: The price originally $220.00 CND. So I purchased it.

This retailer only ships to Canada. But given that B450/ X470 motherboards have been selling out everywhere, thanks to the price drops of the 2700x/ 2700 over the black Friday weekend. This is a good price if you are in Canada.

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Too late. they apparently had 40 units in stock when I posted this message an hour ago. But it is sold out now.