Azure container groups

Anyone here have experience with container groups on Azure? Specifically how to set dependencies among the containers in a group? I’m running into concurrency problems, and I don’t see anything in either the YAML or ARM template schema which looks like it could do the trick.

Just to prevent this:

It seems this isn’t possible with ACI. To create a multi-container app of any real complexity on Azure you’ve got to use a preview feature of app services to load the docker compose config directly, or just go straight to kubernetes.

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I believe this is by design. However, I am not as experienced with Azure’s container services as I am with AWS.

To be honest I don’t quite understand what you’re trying to do, but I think you have a few options: Azure Functions with Containers, using Docker-Compose, using an orchestration platform (such as Kubernetes), adding the dependency into the docker build process (via Dockerfile or what have you).

The modern containerism infrastructure is meant to be isolated, in my (limited) experience. Unless you’re doing something like jails or LXC, where you have a bit more control over the networking, Docker is more of a “black box” solution, I think by design.

Ah, and this becomes blatantly more obvious – I didn’t know you were using Azure terminology.

The containers in a container group share a lifecycle, resources, local network, and storage volumes. It’s similar in concept to a pod in Kubernetes.

I went through their template JSON stuff and I didn’t see anything that looked like what you were looking for – Maybe the command but that seems largely unrelated.

Yeah, it wouldn’t be my first choice either, but the client is a .net shop, and Azure is primarily what they use. Figuring out the terminology seems to be half the problem of finding the differences between the way Azure does things compared to AWS. :roll_eyes:

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