Azerbaijan attempts to create a safe(r) internet

The Azerbaijani governmental agency, Ministry of Communications and High Technologies, has rolled out a secure internet service via its Aztelekom LLC ISP. The secure service is available in limited availability, as a test mode, in 9 out of 10 regions of Azerbaijan and the only region that will not receive the test or the country wide roll out is the autonomous region of Nakhchivan.

The secure internet service aims to:

  • Protect people of different age groups from content that may be inappropriate for their age.
  • Protect users from viruses / and other web threats.
  • Stop the spread of content promoting violence and other threats.

The secure internet service is an opt in and opt out program. If you decide to opt in, by default, you can only view websites deemed safe by the ISP. If you would like to view a site that has content that you would like to view, you can edit the provided "white list". Alternatively, if their is content that you view as not safe, you can add the content to a "black list".

This service was provided earlier by a non government ISP named Bakinternet.


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Opt in censorship. Nice.

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Cool I hope it works out.

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Ahh yes, the guise of security and safety in the true name of censorship.

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That's where my mind goes too, but it looks a lot closer to a brower password thats unlocked for specific sites, and you have to opt in and you can turn it off whenever.

Although if one day all of a sudden you can't turn it off I wouldn't be surprised.

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That would be tragic.


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Hmm, this reeks of Orwell's nightmare. I don't have a problem with the core idea, prevent kids from finding porn or ISIS but this should never be done on the ISP level. Regardless of it being an opt in, opt out the potential for abuse is tremendous, especially considering this is a government owned ISP. I don't know much about Azerbaijan, and frankly I don't have time read up on them, but no entity, no matter who, should have the power to say whats okay and what isn't. I fully expect this to suddenly be switched to on by default and if you turn it off, when then you're probably a terrorist or a pedophile, right?
The tools for evil cannot be used for good.

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Well, it's Azberaijan, they have a good record of human rights abuse and all that, so that's pretty much an attemp to create a great firewall gradually.

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Nice statement, but it's got "we're monitoring everything, also mitm:ing your ssl/https" written all over it.
So yeah.