AWS DevOps Engineer Grindset

NEET here trying to get AWS DevOps Engineer qualification as quick as possible.

I just finished AWS Cloud Practitioner and am now looking at getting SysOps Administrator and Developer. Only problem is it wants me to have sufficient knowledge in a coding language, which I want to learn.

I’m looking at learning Java and C++ on w3schools and skillshare/udemy, because that’s what the Cloud Practitioner course said is used a lot in AWS for development (I then plan to get the qualifications on Oracle because I read it looks good on resume).

I was hoping someone could advise me if Java and C++ are the way to go for AWS.
Also if anyone has any other tips or wants to discuss other AWS related topics, it would be much appreciated.

Java is used in stupid corporate shops who don’t know how to move forward and transition to a modern language, mistakenly thinking that once you know java you are incapable of learning other languages. So we’ll just hire more java devs. Writing java is like shaving your skin off with a cheese slicer.

C++ is super fast, but it seems a bit intense/overkill for AWS, and its super easy to shoot yourself in the foot. I think your practioner is old school/living in the past.

You would be better served by learning one or more of these three:

  1. Golang
  2. Python
  3. Javascript (NodeJS)

Golang is the most stable and easiest to deploy, with some of the benefits of C++/Java and the syntax sugar from Ruby, Python, Javascript and C. You don’t have to mess with dependencies at deploy time which will save you A LOT of headaches.

Python is widely used, its not terrible on speed, the syntax is not consistent but lots of people love it. Managing the dependencies can be a pain, installing it is painful cos there’s a billion versions all supported at the same time. Deploying from this environment is horrible, but people do it, and succeed.

Javascript is gaining in popularity as a backend language against the better advice of millions of people screaming at the children for forcing a frontend language into the backend. It has the potential to really fuck with your head, enjoy callback hell. Hope you have lots of hard disk space for the gigabytes of dependencies you need to pull down. But at least the dependencies and versions are slightly easier to manage than python.

Those are the three most popular in my experience and will make you the most employable and enjoy life more than being a Java/C++ dev.

The extra benefit with golang is that its super handy for devops tools. Anything you need to do on a server to hook network endpoints together, or process text super fast, or any number of other things, it’s great.

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Thanks for the reply.

I’ll have a look into Golang and Javascript (NodeJS). I know a bit of Python already.