Awesome Icelandic Metal band!

Hey Metal fans. 

I would just like to share with you an awesome Viking metal band and my favourite metal band, Skálmöld.

There name Loosely translates  to "Age of swords". They started in 2009 and have released 2 albums. They have been REALLY popular in Iceland (with the general population too. not just the metal heads. My sister when to their concert and she's 10. She is a big fan.). They have also been pretty popular in Germany and western Europe. 

Here is a preview of there second album. (the better one in my opinion)


The lead guitarist was my music teacher in elementary school and a dear friend to this day(The guy with the long blond hair in the concert video). 

Also not so long ago they did a concert with Iceland's symphony witch is on-line in its entirety

Just wanted to share this awesome band and to see if anyone had heard of them.

Feel free to post your favourite local Metal band or anything if the sorts below  

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Not sure what you mean by that... 

Horns \m/