Awesome Game Idea, Well to Me

Organ Trail, but rpg style 1st or 3rd person like Oblivion or FallOut 3

pros: its organ trail
con: it would have to be linear, cause if you left the group every one would die....
OO an idea, you can make it free roam, but with choices if you leave the group they die and your forced to make a town or something of the sort on your own, or if you stay fallow them all the way there you could be come rich or poor.. or die depending on how you play

i've always thought it would be an awesome game but what do yall think?

It would require a ton of detailed thought.
take some time, write out exactly what the game play would be like..Â
submit it to one of the companies that made the original.. (or whoever owns the rights)

game would be boring as hell though.

I just want to see the time line.
left for oregon...

got sick of the wife..Â
fed her to the oxen...
trip taking too long.
children getting fussy..
they were good eaten
killed the rest of the caravan...
feasted on their corpses
died of scurvy..

yes.. I am F'd Up. Had a Great day!

haha it would be boring one of those better in the mind than in reality ideas