Awesome budget PC £450/$700 (share your ideas and feel free to help me)

So I made this forum because I am a console player and have been amazed by Pc and want to convert to pc. And  Im on a £430 or $650 budget. I have already configuired one on Amazon. So please could you tell me if they are good or cold you give me suggestions.

CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE, 3.4 GHZ, Quad core

Motherboard: Asus M5A78L-M/USB3

Ram: Corsair 8Gb 1600 Mhz (2 x 4) DDR3

Case: CiT Vantage Type-R with HD audio and 4 Fans.

Hard Drive: Seagte Barracuda 1TB, SATA 3, 64mb cache

PSU: Corsair builder series 500w Modular, 80 plus bronze certififed

Optical Drive: LG 24x SATA internal DVD rewriter

Graphics card: XFX Radeon 7770 1Gb Black edition Double Dissipation

I will be updating the list if people give me good ideas

UPDATE: I want a different power supply and cheap but good case fans right now I have picked the arctic F12

 UPDATE 2: Getting this case


If you have better reccomendations please comment and also do you guys no specifiec models of power supplies dont mind if modular or not but it will be better and also 80 plus certified. Thanks for helping

UPDATE 3: I am sticking with this Bitfenix case becuase of the cable magangement options.

Also getting two of these fans because they are cheap and are a good brand also some good reviews

Please I need help with the Power supply

UPDATE 4: The power supply I am moving towards right now is the XFX pro 550w 80 plus bronze


How much are you paying for that case? I wouldn't recommend it, fairly sure it has no cable management options and in general, just isn't worth the money.


Get the rosewell rd600 power supply. Same price, 600W, doesn't break your parts.

That power supply is BAD NO NO NO STOP DONT DARE USE IT

Also, that build is good, other than the PSU.

I could get this case at the same price

Coolermaster elite 430


Huh? In the UK, Corsair are regarded as one of the top PSU brands, along with Seasonic, Antec and a few others.

The original Corsair CX400 was one of the best sub-$50 power supplies available, a SeaSonic S12II unit with 30A on the +12V rail. Group regulated so not the best performer on the block, but middling and very well priced.

The CX400 has been discontinued. This is probably because SeaSonic is discontinuing S12II in favor of S12II bronze; basically the same thing, but more efficient. And more expensive. Corsair didn't want to pay the extra for the Bronze version of the platform, so when their contract for S12II units ran out they jumped ship.

Now we've been given the CX430, CX500, and CX600. These power supplies are all based on the CWT DSA platform. Now, DSA is a solid platform, that performs similarly to or just behind the SeaSonic S12II platform. But there's some shenanigans going on.

First off, a close look at the CX430 will tell you something interesting. The Corsair CX400 has a +12V rail rated for 30A. However, the 430W, presumably 30W more, has a +12V rail rated for 28A. Those 2A less means 24W less on the +12V rail, which is what really matters when it comes to "real" wattage.

Long story short the CX430 is more of a 380W in comparison to the old CX400. It should have been rated 50W lower than it actually is.

Then we have the CX500 and CX600. Corsair reps have been interestingly tight lipped on these units, especially in regards to what platform they are based on. However, they appear to still be CWT DSA. A little research will show us that CWT DSA only goes up to 500W. So how do you get a 600W DSA unit?

Corsair pulled one of the oldest tricks in the shoddy PSU book, and rated it at room temperature. Ok, a smidgen above room temperature. 30 degrees Celsius, vs. 40-50C for all their other power supplies. So by rating the CX600 at thirty degrees instead of forty or fifty they can squeeze out an extra hundred watts. For an estimate, I'd say that the CX500 is a DSA 450W, and the CX600 is a DSA 500W.

Thanks I was really trying to find a good power supply because i was scared it would short out my parts.


If you're buying a case simply for the lights etc, then that's your choice. But I'd rather conentrate on its performance, airflow etc.

Seems like a perfect budget case and the reviews speak for themselves.

I thought the coolermaster had good airflow because of its reviews I dont really care about the lights just as long as it stays cool and good cable management but I still cant find a good power supply but I teally like this case.


Get the Rosewill RD600 power supply. It's good.

I want one thats 80 plus certified and a modular 

Another few nice cases to look at.

What games are you looking to play on your GPU?

Some advice on modular power supplies.  My friend has the Seasonic 520W modular and its a full inch longer, before taking the plugs into account, nor does it look as clean as my Seasonic 520W non modular.  He helped me build my computer and said he was a little jealous of how clean the non modular suppy is because it snakes into the cable management holes right away and is nearly 2in shorter in length.  Now this wont matter much for an ATX case but we both have Micro ATX in Fractal cases (he has an Arc Mini and I have a Define Mini) and the modular supply partially blocks the bottom fan and even some of the cables rest on the fan.  He has a Silverstone Air Penetrator down there so the grate keeps the wires out of the fan but it sure looks bulky. If you plan on running a few fans maybe you save 2 wires, 3 if you plan to have less than three hard drives and no DVD drive.  I was able to hide the extra wires just fine and I saved some money.

Same thing goes for the case. Fractal and Bitfenix both have nice cases in the sub 50 USD category.

It also took me about a month to order everything because alot of times components go on sale.  I don't how many companies you have to chose form over in the UK but I saved 100 dollars on my build which is great to keep things in budget and allow you to spring for better parts.  

The more money you can shave off stuff the closer you get to upgrading your GPU which is important if you are a heavy gamer, render, or use CAD.

The more demanding games like BF3, planetside 2 or even Guid wars 2


One more thing about the GPU 650 or 7770? Ive gone towards AMD because its cheaper and all its good reviews and ive seen graphs and its got good fps. Also I am a heavy gamer 1-4 hours a day


Go AMD.  They make better low end and medium graphics card.  The only place that Nvidia in my opinion is the high end gpus tha are a thousand dollars.

Interesting. I only bought the CX500 because it was on offer and because I had used a CX430 V2 in a previous build, which was pretty darn good (going off a jonnyguru review). Didn't read any review about the CX500, am I missing something?

I also noted that the box it came in was not the usual brown one you get for a V2, which got me a bit worried, although it's still stated as a 80+ bronze. I haven't overclocked anything in my rig, running everything on stock. The PSU isn't being stressed so no biggie for me at the moment.

AMD 7770. Only bother considering nVidia's at or above GTX 660Ti, in my opinion. That is if you're buying new.

Go for a S12ii 520 for piece of mind