Awesome ambient music to read by

I like to listen to this kind of stuff when I 'm reading. Virtuoso guitar & synth instrumentals ranging from ambient to shredding

Buckethead - Soothsayer ...

Buckethead - Electric Sea ...

Buckethead - Electric Tears ...

I usually use the soundtrack to Blade runner by Vangelis, when I'm reading sci-fi. 

I like reading to the Morrowind soundtrack myself, the Skyrim and Fable TLC soundtracks is also good to read to.

Although they'd be more orchestral than what your looking for.

I don't have any Particular album but I do have a few songs I do listen while reading, however most of these are just like instrumentals from Electronic bands or Black metal bands really peaceful stuff in my opinion.

Die Sektor - All Turns White

Burzum - Rundtgåing Av Den Transcendentale Egenhetens Støtte

I used to have trouble sleeping sometimes, this song was the biggest help, I just put it on repeat and slept through the night peacefully, however it is also something you can read to as well lol

Colours of the Rain - VNV Nation

As it Fades - VNV Nation


Also this if are capable of Ignoring Vocals

If you enjoy Jazz, Art Pepper is wonderful for something in the background. Lately I've been reading The Great Gatsby and a few other ramblings by Hemingway.

When I get tired of Jazz, occasionally I'll turn to some drone ambient. Due to the characteristics of the genre you can listen to most any video and have the same effect.

And when I get tired of both Explosions in the sky does fairly well to fill the gap.

yes, i do the same, also the alien soundtrack is good too, but it's a little more ambient sounds 

Oneohtrix Point Never are great for anything Sci-Fi.

But I don't think music really adds to most Fantasy/Oldtimey-setting books, and whenever I'm reading non-fiction stuff I'm usually trying to concentrate on understanding the content and remembering details as best I can.  

Nice pick! Too bad I can't listen to music and read otherwise I'd probably follow suit

^ If you like Explosions in the Sky, you should check out Tycho.


If you can ignore vocals, Sigur Ros is great. The lyrics are in Icelandic or their made-up language 'Hopelandic,' so it kind of just blends in with the music.