Avast users

if and when your computer gets infected. dose it remove the viris for you or do i have to run some test that i cant seem to find?

Get AVG :D

Unless your computer is T-800 series, model 101, then no, lol :]

You have to run programs like AVG, Spybot Search and Destroy, or Nortons (or simmilar things)

You can find the free versions of AVG and Spybot Search and Destroy At www.downloads.com

I would just reformat if I had a virus, but that is alot harder than looking about the internet for a good anti-virus program

well yea i have it installed and it detected one i was just wondering how to get rid of it.... sry if i was unclear :D

Well if you have AVG it will come up with a list of infections at the end of the scan, if it can heal it, I think it should remove it, but you might have to click the file and do it yourself through AVG

Same kinda thing for Search and Destroy

If it doesn't remove it then I guess you need to find a program that will (one that you pay for or a program that I dont know about cuz im cheap and don't pay)

If you can't remove it or don't have any other proggies that will (or you don't want to pay 50$), then I would reformat

Just keep on here, these people know alot more than me most of the time, lol

for avast :

after the memory test and startup finishes, a mp3 player like thing comes up. at the top right, there's gonna be a icon thing that you click that looks like a hard drive. click that and set what kind of scan you want. i always do thorough. you also have the option to scan archive files.

then on the left side, hit the play button.

If a virus shows up on your computer, it will warn you with a window and annoying siren.

"Caution! A virus has been detected."

You then have the option to delete the file.

I love Avast.