Avast Antivirus and Windows 10

Hi guys.

Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, I've encountered countless problems with the new start menu. The search simply won't show any results (keeps infinitely loading with no results) and sometimes it won't even pop up. I have to restart it to fix it every time.

Last week I received the following error when I booted into Windows - "Critical Error - Star Menu and Cortana are not working". The task bar is literally blank but the OS is still usable, but it's a nightmare. After doing some googling (on my phone, of course) I found out uninstalling Avast fixes this issue.

And it did! I'm currently using AVG and I just hate the annoying Zen pop up messages that take up a good 1/4 of my entire screen. Disabling all notification won't affect these pop ups for some goddamn reason.

Is there any possible way to fix this start menu bug while also having Avast installed as before?

I assume as long as the guys behind Avast do not fix their proprietary snakeoil it wont start working out of a sudden.

But, to be honest... Windows Defender has exact the same hit and miss ratio as the other snakeoily AV products.
Windows defender is good enough against already known (signature) threats as all the others.. and heuristics allegedly never really worked anyway.

Just use windows defender, "anti viruses" are a scam

I've been using Avast for a very long time actually, which is why I prefer sticking with them. But about Windows Defender, does it have any issues with privacy?

Not more or less than avast. It fetches its updates with windows update anyhow.

Maybe ????
would not go that far................some yes............others NO !

If you did an upgradr eith your scast program it can get buggy. Ou need to reïnstall that kind of software if you do an upgrade in my opinion. And if you whang to give avast another shot you can look in you programdata, appdata, roaming and programfiles and delete those. Then just reinstall avast and try again. Otherwise try to block certain features within avast and see if that fixes it.