Availibility of various Cherry MX switches in Europe


I live in Europe and many of the reviews I watch are filmed in the USA ( I mainly watch Logan) and I here the reviewers say that the keyboards are going to be available in Cherry MX Red, Blue, Black and Browns. But in the stores and online retailers (Amazon, eBay, various Dutch/German/British) online retailers and stores. I find it very hard to find keyboards that are not Cherry MX Red's.Specifically I want the Corsair K95 in Cherry MX Blues and would like to try a Cherry MX Green keyboard out.

- Does any others Europeans have this problem?
- Is there a online retailer that sells mechnical keyboard with the unusual Cherry MX switches?

Thanks in advance for helping me out.

Cheers AVEHD

Easy to find the four main switches; red, blue, black, brown. Give OcUK a look. They have at least one MX White keyboard listed. You might consider an MX key tester, which can be bought from Cooler Master. Be sure to search their European store.