AV-Receiver & 4K Passthrough

Hey there,

I consider buying a 4K HDR TV, but I am not sure if HDR will work with my AV-Receiver. The device is a Yamaha HTR-3069, purchased in 2015/16. Newer models explicitly state that they support HDR so chances are mine won’t.
The user manual shows the following specifications:

• HDMI Features: Deep Color, “x.v.Color,” Auto Lip Sync, ARC
  (Audio Return Channel), 3D, 4K Ultra HD
• Video Format (Repeater Mode)
  - 1080p/60 Hz, 50 Hz, 24 Hz
  - 4K/60Hz (YCbCr4:2:0), 50Hz (YCbCr4:2:0)
• Content Protection: HDCP compatible
  (HDMI 4 jack: HDCP 2.2 compatible)

Edit (17.03.18 - 19:40 CET):

After looking at the manufacturer’s official website I could gather that my AV-Receiver in fact supports HDR. Sorry to bother you guys. :sweat_smile:

From Yamaha’s website it says it will. I would only expect HDR 10 and not Dolby Vision.

Edit: I got edited…

Hey, thanks! yeah, I got misled because I downloaded the full user manual a while ago which I was referring to. HDR wasn’t a major selling point back then I guess.

Not sure how much of a drawback this will be. If there is going to be more content made in Dolby Vision I might decide replacing the AV-Receiver afterall. But for now it should be fine especially when I do my own HDR content.