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Autumn Steam Sale

With the Autumn sale going on what games do you like and would recommend?

kinda want the the hunter game

small budget though

If you just like blowing things up, it’s hard to beat Just Cause 3 IMO. It’s less than $8 right now.

For a deep story, immersive, artistic gameplay (awesome on an ultrawide), and haven’t gotten to it yet, definitely buy Firewatch. It’s short, but very good. The feels are real.


Bought it, definitely not worth full price. It was excellent storytelling, but the replay value is trash. Also very short. At $7.99, I’d say it’s definitely worth it if the reviews pique your interest.

imagine if it had a free weekend lol
could complete it and bee line to lunch.

I bought it for $15. I really loved the story and couldn’t put it down until I finished it.

I agree that there is no replay value though. But one hell of a first run through.

I had no problem paying the price for excellent storytelling. I’d much rather be supporting developers making good games in this style than the next AAA warfighter. Those are what I pick up on bargain sales :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And another!

Grim Dawn for folks who like dungeon crawlers and haven’t managed to hear of this one yet. I backed it on KS and was very happy with the result. There’s almost too much content. And now there’s an expansion to boot.

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That’s a good point. I’m just spoiled by Mass Effect (1 and 2)'s replay ability.

Ever play Darksiders?

Name rings a bell, 4 horsemen, right? I think I played a bit of the first one.

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Yeah the 4 horsemen.

The did a graphical update to the first game, 1080p textures with 4k resolution support.

Gmod all day everyday. Also got a steam link for my bedroom because they’re FIVE bucks.

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Oh damn, I’m going to have to get back into it then.

As much as I claim to not be “all about visuals” I do have a hard time playing really old games because the interfaces and graphics have a tendency to be a bit clunky.

IIRC its called the Warmastered Edition. Free for anyone who bough the original game.

So, this is the game I’ve been eyeballing.

To be honest, the only exposure I’ve had to this game are the videos on it’s steam page and a recommendation from @Ace2020boyd.

He says it’s like FTL but you fly the ship and deal with situations in real time once you select your sector. If anyone else has played this game and can confirm anything about it, I’d be grateful. Loved FTL but don’t want to get burned

The Introversion bundle

If you don’t have any/all of their games, you probably will like this. Cheap too.

Not a game I must admit but…


I want/need a second one for my other PC/Steam Link in another room(s). I got a Link a little while ago for about €1.50 in a crazy bundle sale and quite like it and want to use it for its intended use but also want to look at other thing it can do, so on that note another crazy bundle sale for the two things I want.

Granted not quite €1.50 this time but €5.50 which is still a 90% discount on the Link. At the same time a 33% discount on the controller I want too. So, Win Win!

I also intend to get some skins from Decal Girl at some stage, but need to finialise some artwork/iconography to go on them to match the PCs they will be used for.

Oh and this one


Excellent :smiley:

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