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Yup I love the 80’s and 90’s stuff too those are just my favorite. There like mini muscle cars haha


They are definitely more appealing than most American muscle cars in my opinion.


I like just about all cars. I tend to lean towards small cars, but I loved the mean looking muscle cars, so I fell in love with the 70’s JDM cars.


I was going to post the overall winner, but there are like 12 more categories.
I couldn’t pick just one.



That’s a sweet little roadster. I had to do some research on it since I’ve never seen it before, and I must say I like it a lot.
2.5 litre straight 6 with 145 hp. Those are very respectable numbers for such a small, and old car.

It reminds me of a MG Midget


2022 Volkswagen I.D. Buzz

368HP electric


Yes plz!!!

Do they have torque numbers?


I can’t find it and VW has 5 years of engineering to do yet so any specs are meaningless.
I like the interior too, but I doubt that the concept’s wood floor will make production.


I was editing my post to say “I can’t find the torque numbers, but it should be safe to say more than the HP, because of the nature of electric motors”, but you beat me to it.


Here are some concept cars that I wish were actual production cars.

Chrysler ME412

Honda HSC

Saleen S5S Raptor


I had the first car in Midnight Club 3


Same here. That is how I found out about that car by beating the exotic club races. Most concept cars look extremely outlandish and impractical but that car looked like it was grounded on realism.


True. I will say as far as outlandish car concepts that made it to production the new Ford GT is pretty wild.


That one is actually tight and I would drive that.


1959 Chevy Impala SS

I tried to buy one of these because I thought it was so ugly it was cool and that Bruce Wayne would drive it as a not too subtle off hours Batmobile. It sat at a garage for over a year. When I asked, they said the guy never came back after they fixed it and if they had the title they would gladly sell it.

I guess Lewis Hamilton thinks it’s cool too.


I just heard this in my car and realized it was the perfect OPTION to go with the above post.

These are more my speed.

I used to be an AMIGA guy and in 1988 this animation blew my doors off.

Do you gearheads know any other car songs?


The Beach Boys were my first CD. Really like them a lot.
Cake is some really good stuff (that can work both ways :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
Don’t think I’ve heard the last one, but I like it.

I like:

Test Drive 6 (My favorite PS1 game hands down) opening
Should of done something like this with the music video.

Full song, and music video:

Midnight Club 3 (best racing game of all time)

This one starts out really slow, but ends with a fast tempo.

Moog from Mighty Car Mods makes a lot of really good music.
This one is good in the worst kinda way haha

My favorite song about cars.



Funny enough, I actually had one once.

I ended up getting a good deal for it, so I sold it and got a miata.

I have worked on FBs, FCs, and even and FD here and there.

Let me give you a little bit of advice. If you want to get an FB, get one of the last ones made with the 13B engine or get the 12 and be fully prepared to swap out the carb with a 4 barrel holly.

As soon as you buy a running RX7, go buy a second engine and get an engine crane. Sooner or later your apex seals will shit the bed and its easier to just swap the engine and rebuild the engine at your leisure.

Once you rebuild your engine with good atkins rotary and racing beat parts, it should last a good long time.

Also, forget about turbos. They complicate things, and quite frankly I like the power band of the NA engine.

Lastly, I would HIGHLY suggest you get an S4 FC and premix your fuel like your life depends on it. They are by far easier to work on, they have much better suspension geometry and they just feel better to drive. Its hard to explain. The FB is a little rickity, the FC is just super comfortable and inviting to drive, and the FD is too stiff and clinical.


I’ve only ever bought one vehicle before. A 2005 VFR800. Great bike running a 781.7cc V-4 Vtec Engine. Vtec kicks in ~6500 rpm. The actual number is 6800 if I recall. And then the newer model was lowered to 6400. I do love this bike and I dont have too much else to say on it other then I put 150 miles on it everyday and I have some plans in the works soon for some new fairings and little accessories.Until then, I’ve finally decided to go ahead and do a partial gut on the exhaust in the next couple days. See how things go.

Everything else was given to me as “Fix er and she’s yours” projects. Those are a 2005 Cadillac CTS (The 3.6L RWD) and a 1984 Yamaha XJ550, a little old inline 4 bike.
The latter two are still in rough shape atm but here is the VFR as she sits.

The XJ just sat and took some cleaning to get running. Rocks in the tank to take care of rust and rebuilt carbs.
The Cadillac however I am in the process of getting together. After a friend left to Cali, the car sat and he said he’d get me the title to it. Well, he(Now in Cali) and his father(In Florida) are both on the PA title. Father signed it without getting it notarized when he sent it to me and without my buddies sig. So I have to send out 2 powers of attorney so that I can sign for them to reissue a title that is not defaced, and then 2 MORE powers of attorney so that I can sign for them to transfer it into my name. PA titles are dumb.
Past that, it needs a new transmission. A cheap job to do but, needs done. Not paying the quoted 5k$ at the shop to do what I can do for 400$ with a nice used tranny. There is likely more work that needs to be done at this point since its been sitting for an upwards of 2 years, but that should be the only major work since that is why it was sitting in the first place. Supposedly the car started smoking after hitting a speed bump. I haven’t gotten it into the garage quite yet to really go over it.