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That’s sweet. Did you get 70’s Japanese cars?

Did you do it your self?

I’m not a BMW fan yet, but these are my type of cars .


Yep. It was easy. Don’t have any progress pictures though. Wasn’t really into that at the time.


I´m driving in my dads Merc, but thats really boring. :slight_smile:


Nice! That’s cool I hear a lot of people talk about engine swaps, but I hardly ever hear of someone actually doing it.

Volvo T5 engine swap

And auto to manual


What kind of Mercedes?


An W211 E320 manual 2005.

We had an W220 S320 2002 / 2003 before that, which was really an amazing luxery car.
However this year the car started to become a bit like a money pit.
It started with air suspention issues.
And later the transmission started to fail, and some other electric gremilins.
So my dad exchanged it for an E-class which is slightlly smaller but newer.
And it drives really well.


Manual luxury cars can be pretty tough to come by here. Vary cool.


Yeah in the states is definitelly hard to find manuals in general.


Fortunately, in my area manuals are quite popular still.


WHAT!!! LTT did a Roadkill reference.


Wow, never would have expected that. :smiley:



Bro that thing is legit!

And something about analog gauges with electric cars does it for me (though non of them are as clean looking as I’d like).

This first one is my favorite out of these


i dont like electric cars haha :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you tried one?

BTW My daily is a 2013 Nissan Leaf (all electric), and I regret nothing.

It is really ugly though.


I have not tried a fully electric yet.
But i did drive a Honda insight hybrid once, and it was awfull really.
But yeah i personally rather just prefer a patrol or diesel car really.


I will say electrics are really great for a daily, but definitely not the car to have a good time in (except maybe the Chevy Spark (400 ft-lb of torque), unless you have loads of money for something like a Tesla.

Just for fun how far do you dive on a tank of gas, and how much does it cost to fill it up after that?


Yeah well, of course driving fully electric is allot cheaper.
However i personally dont really like the idea of the possibility that i could endup with empty batteries.
I mean re-fueling a car only takes 2 minutes.
But re-charging a car takes several hours.


Fair enough. It’s definitely an “and car”.


Well i think electric cars are pretty nice if you life in a big city,
which you drive trough trough everyday.
But i dont think that they are really that ideal for longer road trips.
But who knows what the future of that would bring.
I think that with future technology, there might be a solution to the re-charging problem at some point.