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Wow. That must have been quite the scenario to have that happen.


Story was his parents were out of the country, He was stuck behind some old couple driving 60kph in a 100kph zone. When he got a chance he sped past flipping the old couple off. Only a few seconds late one of his tyres blew (His father was cheap and bought trash tyres) and so the car spun and rolled up the bridge. Dog in back rotating in the mirror.

The old couple ended up dobbing him in though it’s doubtful he was speeding at the time. Just crap tyres.

Later on he had a Mark II Cortina. Rebuilt the engine, did an amazing job. It purred. It was then stolen. Cops found it but he did such a good job on the engine it outran the cops. Later found dumped with the engine ripped out.


My cousin didn’t try to out run the cops, but it took a while for them to catch up with her.
She drove a Toyota Tercel at 110MPH through Queens, NYC.

Once she pulled over the NYPD cop said to her…
“Look lady, the only reason I’m not taking your license right now is I would have to go into court and no judge in the country would believe this shit box is capable of doing 110.”

She didn’t even get a ticket. LOL


Interesting car. Never seen one and we get a lot of Japanese cars. Must be an American market jap car


Got to love “shit boxes”, you can have a lot of fun in a cheap car you don’t care to much about (I actually really care about mine, but I still drive it like I stole).

The fastest I got mine up to was 110mph as well, and it took forever (Gray car)


What country are you in?


New Zealand


Oh, so do you have most the same cars that Australia has?


My first car (the beetle) was a real shit box. The floor and the exhaust were rusted and the defroster in old beetle are on the muffler so I had to drive with the windows open all the time. The 3-speed semi auto either 1st and 2nd worked or 1st and 3rd worked, but never all three. I did an oil change and there was a ton of metal shavings in the filter so I knew the engine was toast. 0-60 in 10 minutes.

I always wanted a Baja Bug so I tried to kill it completely by taking it on the local motocross trails.
Those beetles are pretty tough. It was catching 6 feet of air with ease!
I sold it to some idiot (stupider than me anyway) because while the underneath was garbage the body looked perfect.


Yeah buddy! The most fun I’ve had in a car was off road Baja/rally style.

I’ve gotten about 4 feet in that Mazda. 0-60 in a hokey pokey 11 seconds. I tell myself it’s a rally car because of it’s GTX, and GTR variants
I did have a 81 Dodge Ram 50 (Mitsubishi Mighty Max), and it’s 0-60 was really bad probably almost a minute (never timed it).

This is an older one

If anyone interested, it’s actually a pretty cool car IMO.


Similar. We have a lot more lenient import restrictions so we get a lot of cars that Australia doesn’t.


I think it’s time to contribute my list of shitbuckets to the list.

I haven’t had many, but let’s go through the list.

In order of acquisition and year:

2003: 1999 Buick Park Avenue Ultra (sold in 2008)
2008: 1984 BMW 325i (sold in 2013 to a friend in need)
2013: 2012 Mazda Mazda6 (brother currently using it for college but haven’t driven it since I bought the Benz, so I’m cool with this.)
2015: 1994 Mazda Miata
2017: 2013 Mercedes-Benz E350 Coupe

The Miata is set up for auto-x, the Buick never had anything past a wash and maintenance done to it, the 325i was S52 swapped, the Mazda 6 has speakers, The Benz is stock since I bought it in May and don’t modify cars I’ve got a payment on.

I’ll go into detail on these at a later time.


New BMW Z4.


Try as they might, BMW has still failed to make a better car than the Miata

Shitposting aside, I’ve got mixed feelings about it.


The Miata isn’t a car. It’s a legend.

I just thought the Z4 looked cool. No one has test driven it yet to know the specs.


I don’t like looking at concepts or renderings because you get your hopes up for something. My major issue with it is the wheels. The rear wheels look too small in comparison to the front. The rear quarter is higher and the front is lower, so it gives the illusion that the front wheels are bigger when I’d absolutely want a staggered set on this car, in the opposite way.


Certain concepts are pure fantasy but this one looks pretty close to production.
I don’t want one or recommend it, but it’s a brave move for BMW Design.
Where I found it.


Absolutely. I think it’s going to make a lot of BMW fans happy if they can get back to their roots with it, similar to the 1-series attempted.


BMW 507. 1956-1959.



I was thinking of the 1 series with respect to e30’s tbh, but this new Z could definitely be a spiritual successor to the 507.