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Looking at our chat. The guy has 4. LUL This is the guy if anybody happened to be interested.


mfw the CLA250 is actually a fun car.

Not that I’d have rather bought that.



Tonight’s rant is brought to you by: math

So, apparently it was too much to ask that the injector pulsewidth adjustment PID variables have somewhat sane defaults.

A bit of backstory: PID is used by megasquirt to make adjustments to the injector pulsewidth in response to what’s seen by the wideband. This is done to help the car auto tune.

Well, this is all fine and dandy up until you start getting a tiny bit of variance and you get something like this:

Looks like we’re a bit lean, let’s richen it up.
Looks like we’re a bit rich, let’s lean it out.
Looks like we’re really lean, let’s richen it up a lot
Looks like we’re really rich, let’s lean it out a lot

And that gives you a graph that kinda looks like this:

So, basically, I spent a bunch of time tracking down a mechanical problem that turned out to be a software one.

More importantly, I wasted most of my free time today trying to tune the PID system. For reference, the original numbers were this:

P: 1000
I: 20
D: 0

For a quick rundown on PID, for those who don’t know, watch this:

So, to reiterate, FUCK PID.


So it’s good now?


Closer. I’m gonna drive it this weekend to try to fix it.

I’m swamped at work this week, so yeah.


Hmm if it grew in that quickly maybe you’re keen to buy the car?? lol


Finally got another laptop that will work with my Volvo specific scan tool. Every time I plug this into my V70 and see a C70 I find myself thinking about all the people who told me you cant swap the drivetrain in these cars because of the CAN bus system. lol

Looks like a mess

Hopefully it’s because the battery was dead. I’ll let it charge for a while and rerun the car scan.

BTW my Volvo is in limp mode, and I’m trying to figure out why. The ECUs got a little smashed in the accident, and I’m worried that might be the cause, but it was driving great for a few months after the accident.




I think you’ve just got cylinder envy.


my 6cyl makes 50hp more (from factory) than that 4.6L came with from the factory


I’m just trolling, didn’t mean to hit a soft spot.

how much power does your Z make total?



i dont like mustangs… attempted murder is bad mmmkay

about 280whp (per butt dyno)… its mostly stock and I havent installed the intakes I bought a while back. should be abotu 15-20 hp with that


That’s the 3.7l right? Not bad numbers.


As an early IS300 owner, its been a ‘ride’ to see the demographic change as the car reached the $5K range, then 3K range- very different types buying and modding now.

Laughs… looks in mirror (has IS300, has 2jz-gte and ar5 trans sitting in garage for swap [posted somewhere earlier in this thread], MS3Pro etc etc)… goes to corner crying…

Continues crying in corner…

Now balls up in corner…

Is all this hate what it feels like to be a Honda Civic “tuner”?


It’s a 4 valve swap(01 Cobra), full bolt on car with an IRS. It’s quite different than a typical new edge, only looks similar. Hasn’t been dyno’d but it should land in the 360whp range on pump 93. Haven’t decided where else I’ll go with it, if anything at all, not my only project.



factory claims 335hp


Holy crap! There’s a Honda Motocompo in an anime I’m watching.

So cool!!!


Does the steering fold down under the seat?
Cool, I want one!




Sure does. It’s such a great idea.
Motocompo race?

They also cover how the bike folds down a lot better than the previous video I shared, but they don’t have a Honda City to put them in.

I love these goofy little suitcase bikes.