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Yup. They’re going to stop making the only Ford car I cared about (Focus RS).


The GT is neat… shame they’re getting rid of the fun focus though…


I’m not a huge fan of Ford, but this is a major concern. They were better than the alternatives.

I really hope Chevy and Dodge can step up their game. The Dart and Cruze are… not that great.

I really want to buy American, but it’s not really an option considering they’ve got such crappy options at the moment.

Yeah, but who can afford it? I’d love to daily something as ridiculous as that.

Oh, speaking of ridiculous cars, I got passed on the freeway last night by an F430 doing at least 120. Damn I want a supercar.


Seems odd they’re keeping the mustang which imo is the worst of the 3 muscle cars at their price. I guess it’s selling well enough.


The mustang sells crazy well. Not sure why, probably just the history…

Actually, the base model starts at 26, which isn’t bad for what you get.

And the higher models aren’t that bad.

Definitely explains why they’re selling well.


It’s certainly not bad for what you get. But the ecoboost engine (the only engine you can have until you reach GT only puts out 310hp, when the Camaro for 1k cheaper puts out 455 (ah, that’s an optional engine which would push the cost up, base model only has 275hp).

Seems now the challenger is the weakest at the base level (obviously strongest at the top end… that demon is just nuts…). Starting at 27k and only 305hp.

base level muscle cars are a bit more competitive than I remember some years ago.


even with 305hp… its slow because it weighs so much.


lmao, they’re definitely not what I’d call fast.

That’s actually good power for a Mazda MZR engine. The speed 6 only made 270…


I love my WRX but the way people act around me pisses me off sometimes. its the middle of rush hour and some lexus with a fart pipe pulls up my ass doing at least 80 in a 35 i’m already doing 50. he flicks on his brights and proceeds to swerve all over the road behind me.

bruh i just want to go home and eat chips and dip calm down.


lexus drivers are the worst

muh upmarket supra

No. It’s not, neverwill be, stop trying.




news flash 2jzs came in economy cars


All the ones I’ve seen came with a 1UZ.


Sister will most likely pay off my sonic and give me a bit of money to put down on a vehicle.
Looking at Tacomas and Colorados atm.
Definitely want a V6. Dont think I will like the straight 4 variant.
She mentioned Dodge but not sure about them thb. Brothers 1500 is nice but still. Dodge.


in a rare crossover event between the anime thread and the automotive thread, behold!


Its not even about the price when it comes to the GT. My buddy was going to buy one, but got his application rejected based on not having enough of a media presence. Yet the other month he saw a guy at a track with 3 of them. That part doesnt seem to have worked in fords favor considering the only ford GT ive heard about through that media req. is Jay Lenos.

Edit: He is also happy with not having one after experiencing them at the track with said guy


I think the is300 is the only one tbh


Oh, I was thinking SC because of the platform.

Honestly though, the 1uz is a much better engine anyways. V8 fun


That’s some real shit there. :confused:


inline for life bro


It has it’s benefits.