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I heard about the Banks 630T years ago. Thoughts?


idk. no idea what that is.


I do like the older Volvos, but the interior is so much better in the mid 90s - 2000s cars. I’m also in love with the 5 cylinder engine.


Just jumping right in to that project. Nice!
Sounds like you know what you want. I’ll probably copy some of your work for my S10, especially when it comes to the V8 swap… though I have a lot of things to worry about before I start doing performance mods.



Its just money.

Not that I do burnouts in my Z either… but I floor it everywhere. Im on my 4th set of rear tires and my car only has 47k miles.


Oh Im a dickhead for sure, just traction control stays on.


I turn it off… even in the rain.


Damn… just when the thought crossed my mind to buy a focus rs… and now they decide to kill it.
I guess that is what I get…

And yes I know I am 400+ posts behind… deal with it.


Focus RS is pretty cool.
Tobad that they dont come with the 5V engines anymore.


HeAd GaSkEt


heard that was fixed by second year


Thats why I was making fun of it.


I also heard that the large rubber mat they put over 1/3 of the intercooler at the factory, would give you +20-30hp if you removed it


Depends on geographic location, and obviously you would need to tune for it to get that power. Seems a bit high if you ask me.


I’ve had about 6-7 speeding tickets (im old too) (and an improper passing ticket), and I pay about a 300/month - but I have 3 newer(ish) cars with full coverage.


A mullet began to grow while I was scrolling past these pictures.


I am a happy man right now.

I figured out the AFR issue. If I’m injecting low-kpa mid-low RPM fuel at higher than 14.9 target (with VE table properly calibrated) I get the problem. I think I’ve just got shitty injectors. I’m going to try a few things but at the end of the day, these injectors are not long for this world since I just need them to get the tune dialed in so I can be confident in the car for turbo time. Once I get the turbo in, I’m going to 750cc injectors (currently 230cc injectors) so I can run E85. :smiley:

I am just going to tune out the “cruising” fuel savings that I was playing with and just run 14.8 in the cruising ranges. Should solve my problem. I think this has to do with the injectors being either bad or not configured properly, but I’m going to get with someone to figure this out sooner or later.

EDIT: stupid me just spent 30 seconds trying to crank the car, forgetting I’d unplugged the coils to clean up the wiring. :man_facepalming:


My bike had a warped rotor. :frowning:

So dang expensive. I dont really know how it went from fine, to an audible knock as it hits the forks at low speed. I just gave it new pads and they bed in. I rode 2 hours and and it was fine. pulling out leaving from my destination and knock knock knock

On another note, I dont have time or a balancing wheel to fix it. So brought it to a shop. They said they want to replace only the one side. The other looks new (Its not. Over a year and 15k on it in my possession. And considering the brake pads were literally cracked to all hell when I replaced them its likely many years old.) They did make a point of saying they always replace both but dont think it is needed this time around. so, I guess Ill just let them do that. I really kind of dont want to sink 6-800 in front brakes right now. Closer to 2 is ai’t.


RIP Ford cars.


Wait, wat?