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These beasts are Dodges too…


I’m a bit of a masochist when it comes to my cars, so I’m not too worried about always having to repair it, or basically having to rebuild it the way I want it.


Don’t forget the Ram SRT-10

I love the crazy shit Dodge does.


To avoid.


I cant stand anything about their ‘modern’ car interiors, and dont even get me started on the weight.


So finally I have a vehicle where there is a bolt on OEM larger brake set-up, making for an affordable BBK vs aftermarket $2k+ systems. The Tundra already had larger brakes than the 1st gen Tacoma, then Toyota had to make them even bigger after some complaints, so this kit is the larger of the two that thankfully are bolt on for the Taco. My current rotors and pads are on their last leg, stoked I’m upgrading instead of just replacing.


Too high maintenance for my blood. You better take an after install pic tho.


I don’t understand, they are OEM Toyota Tundra brakes that bolt onto my Tacoma, the red is just fancy paint from the company that refurbs them. Maintenance should be no different than simply replacing the aged Tacoma setup. I wasn’t a fan of the drilled and slotted rotors as I off-road, but the price of the complete package was good so went for it.

I think I get what you mean as an after market kit like stoptech could be a pain to up keep, can have brake squeal even with shims, bad cold braking performance, frequent piston rebuilds, pricy pads etc- that is why I’m stoked this is OEM.


Do the calipers have rubber boots around the piston? I stay away from drilled and slotted, blanks for me only.


Not sure if the black part in the pic is viton, rubber or whatever compund they use but it’s factory refurb from a reputable company so should be at least near OEM spec or equal to.


This is kinda what I’m getting at…but it sounds like you’ve got it figured out anyway so :+1:



At the risk of sounding like a broken record these are OEM calipers that are supposed to be OEM spec (seals, boots etc). Maybe I should have refrained from saying “BBK”, it’s not one of those $5,000 kits, just an OEM hack like a lot of Honda’s have. And thankfully being how old my truck is there is an adjustable brake bais valve to tune the rear clamping force to tune around this change. IS300 guys that swap in TT Supra brakes complain of balance issues but the way the abs is ran it’s not easy to correct for this.


hah lucky bastard. I had to get an adjustable prop valve. :frowning:


I’m totally not saying that its wrong or bad. I dont want it to seem that way. Its likely a very nice upgrade.


I definitely agree that brakes are extremely complicated. I’d say it took me about 4 months to go from “I want better braking” to “look at my new brakes, also they work”


Thats exactly why I went with blank rotors and better pads on the stock system. I didnt want to reengineer or add maintenance.


Being a truck it’s there for when the bed squats with load/weight, so you just move it’s mount up or down to tune around lifts and brake changes.

I have a 4 corner RB kit on the IS, I’ve learned my lesson haha, hense I’m so happy to have this OEM option- should be no more drama than an or tundra.


Woo, dealer is replacing the short block in my car under warranty. $4000 I don’t have to spend.

Thank fuck for that class action lawsuit a few years ago.


4k sounds like a deal. I would not want to be the tech that has to do the plumbing on that one.


Car shopping this weekend. I am excited. Going for an SUV/crossover.
Top pick: Porsche Cayanne