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Their manuals have their quirks and it is a firm ride. Too firm in the rear imo. I had grinding into second. The 8th gen and type r has problems with 3rd. The s2k has problems too. Most run either Royal purple or redline mtl. I swapped to redline and the problem went away. The stock fluid is too thin imo. The shift feel is a little notchy and not at all sloppy.

Steering on the si is that same rack as the non si but with a faster ratio. It’s pretty direct and predictable. It can be a little darty for highway use.

I would not recommend a new si as they went to a 1.6 turbo which ruins it for me. You might feel differently about it. My opinion is if you want a new honda the current accord sport is the one to have. A hondata adapter and a tune could put you in a nice place with stock everything. Intake and catback would probably make 230+ wheel.


Not in the market right now, so I have no idea. I think once the benz turns into a project car, that’s when I’ll be getting a new car.

I drove a late 90s SI, an 07 civic, a 16 civic, a 98 accord, an 09 SI and one other, I think.


My next car might be a Lexus.

In hindsight I kinda wish I went for that IS350 instead of the Impreza. I didn’t want to have to deal with the work at the time, but boy would that 300 HP V6 been fun with that AWD.


Huh, that’s odd. I guess it’s just not your cup of tea or something. That’s a fair amount of Hondas so I doubt they were all worn out.


Not possible



Exactly. They’re great cars for the price if you like them.

It’s just that I don’t like the feel.

Kinda like relationships. One person might be great for James, but not so good for Bill, despite being a great person.

I won’t ever claim that Hondas are awful, just that I don’t like the feel of them. If you like them, awesome, you’ve just saved a boatload of money on buying more expensive cars!


Like a new one? I love the back of the older Lexus IS300s.


My BMW 325is had an amazing feel for its shift and clutch. My TDI is a little sloppy but still good for 220k on the clock. I definitely like my honda over them though.


The one I was looking at in the Spring was a 2011 IS350 IIRC. The AC on the passenger side of the car did not work and something was clunking in the driver front when turn left. Might have been something else I’ve since forgotten. The dealer tried to make excuses to why they weren’t going to fix it, so I walked away.


Probably for the best TBH.

Hay if your looking for a 300hp V6 just get a 2011+ dodge grand caravan lol


minivan burnouts!


I don’t like American marques.

I could get a Dodge Promaster for cheap from work that has 280 HP, but yeah no.


Fucking never


Haha. Too bad
Goes for my Spark too. I must defeat it somehow.

That’s what the Caravan has. I just rounded up for the sake of the argument lol.
I just think it’s funny to post a N/A minivan that has more power then a lot of entry level sports cars.

I do like the Odyssey over the caravan, but stock the Caravan has more power. I’m sure the Odyssey handles way better though.

I’ll stick with wagons though.


Been keeping an eye on the ATS-V coup. They’re pretty sweet.

Kinda want to test drive one.


I love those. Didn’t they stop making them in the wagon though?


I’m going to go commit neck rope for admitting this but I still kinda like the dodge magnums.

Also, k swapped odyssey luls


Dude I agree. I really wish they used the charger grill with it, and no manual :cry:.

I was looking at getting one until I found there are no manuals.

Yeah. Boosted bois!


Dodge magnums were sweet…


Yeah but its a dodge. I just cant bring myself to get it.