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Might go look at an s10. Its an auto and I want a manual. Will need to convert it, any tips @TeckMonster ?


Coils are in, just need a permanent mounting place for the controller. Probably going on the firewall so it can act as a heatsink.

Apparently that wasnt the problem, so at this point, I’m just hoping I don’t need new injectors or something. I guess I need to talk to a pro about this.


It’s actually a pretty easy job to do, but I would recommend having a donor car on hand, though I could probably put together a pretty solid list of parts you’ll need. I can’t guarantee I’d remember everything though.

What type of S10 are you getting (4.3, extended cab, 4x4)?


That suck that you haven’t been able to track down that problem, but those coils are Lookin good.


Reg cab short bed. Don’t know what the original engine was. Its a clean body it was a frame up build thats been abandoned.

Not sure if I want it. It would probably be a pain in the butt trying to figure out putting something together that I didn’t take apart.

But I’m pretty familiar with the s series and there’s lots of salvage yards around that I can visit… which are kinda fun anyway.


I assume you’d end up doing another LS build with it?


I have a 350 with flat pistons, vortec heads and a mild cam sitting in the garage collecting dust.

Hoping I can snag a t56 from an early 90’s camaro and just have a fun grocery getter.


Yeah, cleanest part of the car lol

Driving a girl to dinner in the Benz and I go over a speed bump. Super loud clank… Great…

Guess that’s going into the shop too. Fucking California roads wreak havoc on my suspension.


Nice. If that’s the case then you’ll probably only need the pedals and a S10 master clutch cylinder.

pictures that might be relevant to your swap

You can easily see where the clutch master cylinder goes (started drilling before I took the picture)

Closer look at where the clutch master cylinder supposed to go.

Drill her out.

And use a Dremel to clean up the corners.

And primer/paint if you want her to last.

Clutch master cylinder installed.

And pedals in.

I would suggest making a trans tunnel hole template out of the donor vehicle, but given the engine swap the shifter probably won’t be in the same spot.

Another random fact that you might need to know. A full size truck 4.3 manual transmission is shorter than the S10 4.3 manual transmission.


I went to a car meet yesterday here in Idaho, and I’ve got to say for a weekly meet it was massive, especially compared to my last sad experience with a car meet in my area.
Here’s a panorama shot in an abandoned Kmart parking lot, so practically every car there was for the meet, and the parking lot was packed all the way to that food truck.
Wow, Looking at that picture, I can see I picked a poor spot for it. I’ll need to work on my camera skills.

Turbo Miata runing stock ECU which apparently works. @sgtawesomesauce

And a junk Ranger with a turbo (unfortunately didn’t get to talk to the owner)

Saw a few other cool cars like a RX-7 FD, and a Volvo V70 T5 much like mine except his is black, auto, & has Type R interior. Also had a lot of Mazdaspeed3s, Subarus, and a few EVOs… And of course the diesel gang.

Anyways very cool I’ll probably start going to that meet.


Hmm, that must be a 1.6, due to the maf.

Interesting. I wanna pick that guys brain, but still… Aftermarket is the way to go.


It is a 1.6. I asked him a few questions, but I mostly just let him tell me about it. I’ll hit you up if I see him next time I go.


For sure. Not that I’d want to run a stock ecu, it’s just kinda cool.

I’m really kinda burnt out from cars right now. I want the Miata to work, I want the Benz to not be a 2k repair, and I really want to just have a car that I don’t have to fucking worry about. Is that too much to ask? I just want to take my girl out without worrying that my suspension might fail and I won’t be able to prevent us from crashing and injuring her. Fucking cars man, they give you good times and they give you bad times, but lately it feels like a lot more bad times for me.



Oil light in my car came on :frowning:

So that makes about an entire quart gone in 2000 miles.


Shoulda bought a honda



At least you didn’t go to a hospital for less then 2 hours just to have them tell you your fine, and send you on your way with a 2k bill (the reason I haven’t been able to to do anything with my cars recently).

Is it something you can repair yourself? I know my Volvos would cost way too much if I paid people to fix it.

Yup, and for me it tends to come in waves and all together until I got my EVs.

I don’t know if this will help you feel a bit better, but my cousin just bought a fully loaded Chevy Blazer that was in mint condition, and the engine spun a bearing less than 2 weeks in.

I’m sure it’ll turn around soon for you.


lol I was just thinking that… Only problem is I really dislike the way hondas feel.

Next car is definitely going to be either new or an EV. Probably both.

I dunno. Frankly, I don’t have the time. And I hate suspension work worse than brake work.

That must be nice. :frowning:

Today’s better. Car’s going into the shop Monday, so I’m going to be driving whatevers available this weekend… Might even manage to fix the miata since I’ll be motivated.


What specifically do you not like? Everyone I have let drive my car loves the general feel. The clutch is good, the brakes are ok (definitely needs the work I did recently), the shifter is good, they make OK power with a little help.

Only problem I have with mine is the low profile tires and firm suspension, but I wouldnt have it any other way for spirited driving.


They either have extremely lazy steering input or the entire thing is “sport” suspension that’s not a comfortable ride.

I like something that’s not extremely precise, but just under race car, if that makes sense, but has soft suspension so I can drive the thing without rattling my teeth.

This is for a daily driver/date night car though. I’d definitely consider the new SI for a car I want to drive spiritedly.

I don’t have much experience with Honda manuals, but I remember the old (late 90s early 00s) were awful. They had the accuracy of a spitball IMO.

I’m sure they’re much better now, but I’ve just got a preference for something that Honda doesn’t provide.

Next time I’m in the market, I’ll definitely check out some of their stuff. I just drove an Acura before I bought the Benz and it really didn’t feel luxury to me. Felt cramped and stiff.


Thinking about a Bolt?

What Honda were you driving? I don’t have too much experience with Honda manuals either but the few I have driven have had very tight and notchy shifters from that era. Felt real good to me.