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Yeah… I would certainly do things differently next time. I did everything in 1 day because the car I had been driving was a pain in the ass (leaking coolant in a spot we couldn’t fix without a replacement part and I was planning on getting a new car anyway). So I ended up with not the best deals for sure, but It’s still perfectly manageable and I’m happy with it (insurance stings a little, but it is what it is).


That’s what happens when you borrow for most of the value of a luxury car lol


Thnx for the large response

I live in The Netherlands/Europe. But it schould be rufly the same.

I had these websites where you van calculate monthly car costs, but they vary from 300 to 800 for the same car.

There are many cars even cheaper. Maybe becease germany are out nebours? Also I estameted in euro’s.

If not, could you recoment any other comfy cars to drive. I’m a bit tall 190 cm but i’m not looking for an SUV.


For example this Audi. I cant seam to find anything wrong with it.


I was assuming us prices. I am far from an expert on European market, so hopefully some European pals can pitch in their knowledge.

I don’t know much about the a3 reliability. So I can’t comment on that car specifically. The odometer seems fair for the age, if slightly high and the price seems fair, assuming it’s in good condition.


Jesus, even that’s high. Sure I have never had a ticket at all, no accidents in over 8 years on the road and still under 25 (24) but I pay $45 a month. Sure it helps with the car I drive but even with my dream sports car, I would be looking at $100-110 a month.


… Im happy with just paying 400$ a year for my vfr.


24, no accidents, no points on license, roughly $100 a month. Mandatory insurance state


How much was that car, and what’s your dream car?


also $45 sounds more like PLPD to me


Manual transmission learning is going well. I even got to drive over in the Twin Cities yesterday for a bit, so I got some city driving learning in. Wasn’t too bad. Mostly highway and not very dense commercial area, don’t think I can do heavy residential or downtown St Paul or Minneapolis yet.

Also, I own both of my vehicles, so no monthly payment, and pay $45 per month for insurance for both. 32, no accidents, no tickets.


$4,000, insured for 7k

Dream car is an FC RX7


Full coverage. If it was wrecked tomorrow or stolen, I would get the cars value in my pocket


Took my mother out in my truck for the first time she loved it.

Also went over a speed bump in a parking lot the spare tire broke lose from underneath and went on a rampage LOL


Got my mustang properly tuned, 4 valve swap went very well, did all my research ahead of time, took plenty of extra time to make sure all the little things were perfect. Replaced a lot of stuff, car should be good for 100k miles with no issues. I’m considering putting a Kenne Bell on it, maybe next year, maybe two years, we’ll see. She’s a real sleeper now, people just assume it’s a 2v modular and slow, which is exactly what I like. Though I don’t rip on it much these days, recently I have been, these things absolutely love the cooler weather.


Go much further with it and you’ll need an ice box in the trunk.


Simply a Merc obviously.
An E-class would be a good place to start.

If you are looking for anything VAG related in that price area.
Then buy something that is from 2006 or older.
Because anything VAG produced after 2006 is garbage really.
Especially the 1.8Tfsi and 2.0Tfsi engines, and Multi tronic transmissions are really bad.
It will also save you allot of money.
The first generations Tsi engines are also nutorious for timing chain issues.
If you are looking for a diesel, make sure you get a 1.9Tdi.
Because the 2.0Tdi first generations are also not the most reliable out there.


BMW. My E39 5 series had plenty of headroom. I’m 183cm and had a good couple of inches to spare, easily. Newer 5 series are probably bigger.


So at this point I have decided against lifting my Impreza in favor of buying an XV, still probably be next year.


Love the new 3-series, +1 for Norwegian roads in the photos


We’re nearing winter, PSA USE FLUID FILM NOT THIS CRAP