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My s10 has a couple nicks in the steering wheel as well, and since I don’t like the feel of the steering wheel’s material, I’ll likely do that since it’s real leather if it works out for you.


Located in Michigan boyo.
Just picked the bike up 3 weeks ago and I’ve put about 700 miles on it. I can’t get enough of the XSR’s torque consider me a fan.


I’m not a fan of Porsche, but damn, this is a fine ass.


Hi there,

I’m looking to buy an car for my own now, never owned one.
I’m 22 but always driven lease cars for the past 4 years.
Switching jobs.

The only problem is that I don’t know how much a car costs at an monthly bases. (because my work took care of it)
I don’t want a car that’s quite old. (looking for 2008-2014)
The buying part isn’t the problem, but on an monthly bases I have no clue.

I was looking for a bit of a luxury car, BMW 320i, Audi A3 etc.
It doesn’t have to be the fastest car but I’m willing to spend 8000 on it.

Do you guys have any advise on costs or which model to buy?


Probably the biggest cost at that price range for you per month will be insurance, especially if you finance (since it’s required to have full coverage). Because you’re under 25 insurance will be a killer for awhile. My insurance costs nearly as much as my car per month since I’m not a student anymore which makes me ineligible for most discounts.

I’d certainly call around the insurance companies with the car/s you plan to buy and get some quotes to see where you can save.


So you have to look at maintenance, fuel and insurance as the big 3.

Fuel, you should have a pretty good idea of, by looking at how much you drive, local fuel prices and potential models.

Insurance, you can get quotes for free.

Maintenance is going to be the hardest to predict because if something breaks, that’s going to throw off your estimate.

Typical maintenance is going to be the following:

  • Oil every 5000-7000 miles, depending
  • air filter every 20k miles
  • brakes every 30k to 60k, depending on driving style
  • tires every 30k to 60k depending on tire, wheel and driving style
  • coolant every 3 years is recommended, but it’s not as important.
  • transmission fluid every 60k for manual, not sure about automatic (can find that in owners manual)

If you want a luxury car under 8000, you’re not going to be able to get something reliable, depending on region. Realistically, you need to drop your expectation that a German Luxury car is an option. They’re too expensive to maintain and too unreliable as they get older, in your price range and age preference.

What region do you live in? (country/state is enough)

Insurance will be a big cost, but not that much. My car payment is $400/mo. My insurance (for the car in question) is 125/mo. I’m 25, male, no college, full-time employed with 1 ticket on record.

As cars get more expensive, the insurance doesn’t scale linearly. So a $50,000 car is not going to be 5x as expensive to insure as a $10,000 car.


Exactly. My insurance runs like 275/mo, no tickets. My car payment is roughly 330/mo. Next year when I turn 25 the insurance will drop like a rock. Since op is 22 they have a few years of much more expensive insurance than normal ahead of them.


It’s difficult to reccomend modern lluxury cars the second that anything breaks you’re out a fortune. What can you afford for a yearly cost to own? (excluding gas)


Really, it didn’t go down much at all when I hit the magic age. I don’t know why yours would be so much.

Before I was 25, it was 145/mo for the same car.

That’s probably the best question.


Im thinking of selling my impreza and getting a XV crosstrek, its basically what i want to do to my impreza but looks much nicer and better fuel economy, would miss those 20 horses though.


Yeah, those 20hp is a noticeable difference. It’s not too bad when you get used to it though. Supposedly you can get 5-10hp solely by a basic tune on a completely stock car. Smooth drive too. I get ~35 MPG in my Impreza.

If you do decide to go for a Crosstrek make sure it’s not one of the oil consumption (pdf) ones, because that’s a pain in the ass to deal with. 2013 Crosstrek Auto and Manual and 2014-2015 Crosstrek Manual.


Thanks for the tip, I probably won’t be seriously considering this until some time next year, ill look into the cost/ feasibility of modding my impreza vs an XV.


changing the trans fluid on my yota, it’s definitely the original shit it came out grey, magnetic plug was loaded with goodies too. It’s gonna shift so nice after this.

Also my stitch on steering wheel cover came early IDK if I will get to it this weekend or not. Maybe.


@TeckMonster @sgtawesomesauce
8/10 would buy again.

Hugs the knuckles perfectly (as i would expect from leather)

This side is laying down perfect

but this side didn’t, will need to get leather glue to hold it down

Overall took me 2.5 hours to install it’s tedious work if you want it to look right, had to constantly adjust it as i went to make sure the seam was centered, also gotta tug it tight after every stitch. I’m happy with the results and after i get the glue i need it will look damn close to stock.

Also changed my transmission fluid and oil. Both were horrendously miscolored but the truck is driving like a dream now. I added half a quart of lucas oil stabilizer to thicken the oil a tad now i don’t have idling oil pressure issues everything is top notch ready to go.

Almost forgot to mention i got a quote on repairing this mess

$250 ezpz


If you want luxury but without the high cost to maintain, Japanese is pretty much the only way to go. Any European car has big costs after the first 5 years.

I don’t know if you can get this car where you are since it was primarily for the right hand market but what I picked up cost very little to buy, was pretty new when I got it and has very low running and low millage.

Ignore the girly look, this car I bought 3 years old (2014 model) for $4,000 with 25,000 miles on the clock. And it gets 61mpg with spirited driving. Though that’s the manual and the auto loses some performance and efficiency.

If it’s not available where you are, the Nissan Pixo is the sister car, different front end but practically the same car.


Thanks for the report! I’ll definitely be getting some for the miata.


Measure and accurately as possible and use the size chart you won’t be dissapointed


Wow. You guys are crazy. My car payments are $207 ($10k car) and insurance is little under $90. I’m 23 with one speeding ticket.


It’ll be a while until I get to that, but when I do I’ll give it a try. Thanks for sharing your experience with it!

That’s nothing, I could dig that out of the couch. Lol
Glad that trucks working out so great for you.


Not mine, but been looking at youtube porn this morning.

A 1970 charger with over 3000 hours of build time in it:

(minus parts cost, you do the math on hourly rate vs. cost)

You know its serious when first thing is to cut out the floor pan, rear tubs, etc. :smiley:

Also, a super neat track focused Camaro…