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@The_Russian_Spoider & @Adubs got another bike enthusiast.

Edit: @ThatBootsGuy
Sorry, I forgot, but you haven’t shared a picture of you bike so pleas don’t be too hard on me.


tfw you’re not tagged as a bike enthusiast…


yeah… I haven’t taken one with this phone yet, or any after I added all the stuff to it. I also haven’t rode in a couple years, hopefully I can get it road-ready next year though (little strapped for cash atm…).

It’s gonna need a new paintjob too… shame because I love the custom paint that’s already on it, but when you lay a bike down around a corner the paint doesn’t enjoy the road-rash…


Where you at boii. That’s a nice bike.


What bike is it? A scrambler? Or I think some honda/yamahas have been doing a similar dash for bikes too now.


According to some rumors, the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta is also going to be rwd.
That would be pretty interesting if true, since bmw recently decided to drop rwd in the new 1-series.
This would then mean that the Giulietta would be the only rwd hatchback in C-segment.


The 1.75l engine would be great fun in a car like that. 237hp in a small RWD hatch would be hard to pass up trying.


Yeah the 1.4 MA engine also produce 170HP / 180HP.
So even that could be fun.
Atleast wenn they not electronicly limmited it that you cannot go sideways.

The new Renault Twingo is also rwd, with the engine in rear.
But you cannot get it sideways atall lols. :smiley:


Definitely a Yamaha, I’d recognize those terrible turn signals anywhere. Can’t put my finger on which one. That cluster is throwing me off.



Yea, the cluster is pretty identifying, I didnt know what ducati has for turnsgnals. I dont pay much attention to them since I always integrate them on whatever I have into the body work. The vfr came with that done. lucky me.


I only know because they come on almost every yamaha

They were on my R3

and on my FZ


TFW your coil packs still haven’t shipped.


You can’t be a “bike enthusiast” without at least 2 of them.


I’m sure there’s plenty of bike enthusiast that for one reason or another cant have more then one. Plus all the kids that have done lots of research, and have a list of bikes they plan to own, but can’t get a license yet.

I was a car enthusiast before I had a car.


It’s my 3rd bike if that helps at all :upside_down_face:


Getting sick and fucking tired of the oil pipeline they’ve been working on it for 6 months and they wet the road down with mud at random and every fucking time it’s when I take out the WRX. IDK what to do I’m losing my mind I’m sick of washing my car every time I take it out because these ass holes dont operate on a fucking schedule

Edit: I said fuck alot but i feel like a few more could fit in.


In other happier news, was going to replace the steering wheel on my truck because it has cuts in various places and it’s that fake leather plastic so it’s kind of sharp, but then ran accross this and I think it’s worth a shot

measured up my wheel it’s an M-. should be a fun project.
Found my steering wheel in the reviews (but mine is blue)


Can you review this when you’re done? I need something like this for the miata.


Sure, I’ll be doing it next weekend if the shipping estimate is accurate.