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Get some balsam bits, make it smell like a real tree.


1978 K1500, 355 v8, 4 barrel Holly, Makes around 600HP to all 4 wheels, 4 wheel drive full time, Tuned for mud racing and high RPM’s, though Im never taking it mudding, Lowering it some next summer, got to much power for as tall as it is, Still got to put in an interior.


Tempting… Tread looks a bit aggressive for road use so idk.


Those wheels look rusty, so I wouldn’t for that price.


I´m concidering an engine swap for my seat.
But i still need to figure out if the engine mounts are the same,
as a Leon.
And if it would all be plug and play.


I’m so used to a set of tires alone costing $1000 coming from a WRX I guess this kind of price doesn’t phase me, but you’re right they’re rustier than i realized i thought that was dirt.


They also did the good ol wet em down to make em shine trick, which also makes me not want to do business with them.


that’s a typical middle aged fag move you can tell he’s 50 something by his thumb in one of the pics.

no offense to the other middle aged fags, love you guys



Cobalt SS R34

And I raise you an R33


I like the Nissan R32 and the Volkswagen R32.


You like Lattes with your Cars I see.


Are motorcycles allowed?


400-500 wheel will be plenty. most i’ll likely do for the short-medium term is a mild street cam. it’s not a race car, it’s a daily driver / bike carrying/towing device :slight_smile:

For the proper speed hit, i have the litre bike :slight_smile:


The only thing not allowed is this


That’s not an R34


That’s the joke.


Is that a maid in the mirror?


Asking the important questions.


Haha it is. Outfit and everything. Damn.