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@SoulFallen I found just the thing for your car


I have the mad. I can’t get my base tune dialed in.

Startup sequence is fucked, idle bounces, tip in has some serious knock.

I’m gonna go ahead and put tunerstudio down for the night.


Haha. That reminds me of when I put a laptop fan on the intake of my car to make turbo noises. It sounded pretty convincing until it shattered.

That’s unfortunate. Hopefully when you get back to it with a clear head you’ll have an ah ha moment and get that dialed in the way you want. Wish I knew how to help.


Have you seen this series yet?

He has a clean af STI swapped Forester.

Chevy Spark EV, I own this car and it holds it’s own up to about 45 against a lightly tuned Fiesta ST with a few bolt ons. I also destroyed (he said 4 to 5 car lengths) an Eco Boost F150, but he had a 4 wheeler in the back.

You can pick these up for under $7K (depending on where you live).


I think the iacv is fucked. It’s buzzing at idle, so I might need to change it. (that or the megasquirt is not sending the right signal)

The right after it turns over, it revs out to 2k, chills there for about 10 seconds, then drops down to normal 950 idle that I configured it for.

I guess I just need to spend a good day on it.

EDIT: I’m gonna talk to Greg about it when he gets back from mrls.


Everyone at work has told me to do this. Not sure how the fuck I’d put one on the oem hybrid valve.


Hmm, if you can send me a part number, I’ll try to help ya.


Nah I’m good. I’d have to pull off hoses which is not happening lol. Duck call could potentially cause an overboost too or worse it won’t blow off properly between shifts.


Looks like it understeers like a MOFO

Its gotta be at least as fast as my si to 60. Thats my performance floor.

cheapest I can find is 9,200. Thats still really good.

For me the biggest issue with that car is just range. If I were to get that, we would have to trade my car for it. We would need to keep my wifes kia soul for the utility, and range or I would have to try to get a really cheap truck (which my wife might actually end up taking the truck because shes like that) and try to make her drive the spark. I would also be taking a hit on performance big time.

Also the fact that its a cheap chevy has me noping inside. Chevy does one thing really well IMO, big displacement pushrod V8s. I have a hard time wanting to buy anything from them otherwise.


I was extremely surprise with how well it handles actually. It is extremely well planted with minimal body roll.

What year is your Civic? I’m pretty sure it’ll hit 60 fast then it, but I need to look it up. 0-60 is 7.2 for the Spark.

Yes, this is an “and car”, but it is so incredibly cheap to drive. At my cost of electricity it costs me 2¢ per mile, or $6 for 300 miles (about a tank worth of fuel driving). It costs me less then $15 a month when my S10 cost me $120 a month.
I’m getting 4.3 miles to a kilowatt highway (about 80mph).
And 6.9 m/kw city (35-45mph)
If you’re interested you can use those numbers to figure out how much it would cost you.
Also I went more into this with dash pictures here.

TL;DR you can get over a hundred miles in City.

True. The EVs weren’t cheep, but the car they used (Spark), is the cheapest one in their lineup (10k brand new), and it shows in the interior, but like a Chevy it rides surprisingly well.

It’s got the torque (327 lb-ft)! Lol


6.1 seconds

Mine is a 12 but same thing really. 9th gen si.


Wow, that’s really impressive. With that number they could have dang near throwing a Type R badge on that.


New type r will do it in 5.4. If I throw an intake and exhaust +tune I could probably get it down close to 5.8-5.7

But what I really want to do is this


Wow, that is impressive. Damn Honda’s, so much power potential lol. Makes me a bit jealous.

This is what I want. Notice the sounds.

Except I want the V70R with a 6 speed manual.

This is my dream car.


Kinda sounds like my bike but with turbo whooshes.


Time to throw a turbo on it haha. I have a turbo obsession.

What kind of engine does your bike have? I assume straight or V 4


crossplane triple

timestamped with an example akrapovic exhaust


I was trying to find it lol. Funny thing I actually don’t know what crossplane is. I’ll have to look that up.
Edit: Ah, so that’s what that is.

I still want to put a bike engine in a small car, something like a Geo Metro, or Ford Festiva.


Just a few minutes ago I was putting my lunch container in my car like I always do, for some reason I decided to look back and noticed something that looked out of place, looked kinda rusty.

So I went back inside, grabbed some pliers, and fished it out.

Friggin’ razor blade just chilling out in the cutout around my widshield wiper arm. We don’t use those style blades at home, and it definitely wasn’t there when I replaced the wipers in June, so…?


Co-workers? lol