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I find beauty in practicality with performance, and that’s why I’m drawing so strongly towards wagon. Hatchbacks are more practical in most situations then a sedan.

I can fit more tires in my Geo Metro then my buddy could in his Acura TL.

There you go that’s my little fight, but I can appreciate just about all car types.


I would love an older forrester or maybe a legacy gt wagon.


the model 3 certainly isnt pretty to me and I fucking hate that center dash thing but I still want a reasonably priced electric with decent performance and thats really the only thing that comes close to checking the boxes.


That’s fair.

I think the center dash is arguably worse than the flaws in the Pinto.


If mazda did an electric version of the ND. Holy shit. Take my money.


Yeah, probably. Seems like Mazda isn’t really working on electric tech though…

That’s my only disappointment. I hope they don’t get left behind.

EDIT: Nevermind, see article here:


Not so sure about the rotary hybrid idea tho


Rotaries do have good power to size ratios, but I’m not sure how I feel about brapping my way to 12mpg.


Dont get me wrong, rotaries are fucking amazing… just not in something built to last. Of course it seems like this is true for most cars these days (looks at new mustang GT transmissions, or any honda manual in the last decade)


Looks kinda neat. But yea, dunno if itll be a great car. Ill be interested to see more performance hybrids. But as of now the only real ones I know of are Ferraris.


918 Spyder, P1

Almost all manufacturers who have an exotic have a hybrid


This is true, but I was thinking more on the “cheaper” end as opposed to the flagship that dont make sense on the street.

From what I am seeing Ferrari has less then I thought. Just the Laferrari. I though the v12 had an electric system. Also not in the price bracket I was thinking of. lul.

The NSX is the only one that immediately comes to mind. And it is indeed a pretty cool car.


Yeah give me a TRD Prius. Thats just the kind of fucking weird I would love to have.


Hybrid sports/supercars:

Porsche 918
Ferrari La Ferrari
Koenigsegg Regera
Various McLarens


No sports car “makes sense” on the street.

Objectively, what makes sense for street use is either a van, pick-up/ute or a wagon, but people usually don’t want what makes sense.

Here in Australia Toyota have had a Hybrid Camry for a while now.


I get your argument, but something that makes sense on the street for me is a vehicle that is fun but safe.

IE: both of my cars.

So I figured out the problems with my megasquirt… Just needs 30% more idle air control valve open on crank. Once that’s popped open, we’ve got plenty of succ.

Now on to the part where I dial in the VE tables and get flatshifting perfect.


The list is making progess. Got a big one done today knocked all the loose undercoating off the structurally important parts and painted it.


Well my subaru needs head gaskets, had it up on the lift for an oil change finally after i degreased the engine/ trans and sure enough its leaking oil from the head gaskets.


I hope you can get free/reduced labor.

Or the know-how to do it yourself.


That succckkssss. Head gaskets are killer you gotta pull the engine for most Subarus


Im paying to have it done, going to get a few quotes from some good shops around here, going rate seems to be 1k in labor, going to have a bunch of other shit taken care of while they’re in there.