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One of the things I still need to learn. I don’t drive that crazy, so I don’t feel the need for it.



You switch from shifting to holding hand on thigh, this is the only way to drive.


My Holden Ute is fine :smiley:

(yes it has air bags)

The girl’s suzuki swift is also unaffected, as are almost all suzukis i believe (checked the list before buying it).

As to manual driving… my girl drives manual, as have all the others, you lads in the states who can’t need to hand in your man card or figure it out :smiley:


That could get slippery thru the curves if your going too fast, wearing your seat belt?


Wheres all the hydrogen powered cars? Theres a ton of Hydrogen produced, Fuel Cells exist, no degradation of distance due to batteries aging from day one till death (which is around 6 years according to the local taxi drivers who were the 1st to jump on them) and you are not transporting the same dead weight on a near empty battery. They seem expensive but they make better sense . what the opinion here? probably work in a torrential downpour too. sorry SC
(takes a few steps back from screen)


What!? That’s so sad. Where are all the fun cars going?


Chevy was working on a hydrogen powered Colorado for the military, but I haven’t heard anything about it recently.

I know there’s some on the market (I think Nissan has one), but I think it’s the infrastructure that’s holding them back the most. Electricity is everywhere and everyone has easy access to it (now hydrogen generator & compressor needed).

I daily and EV, and I absolutely love it. I had a 2013 Nissan Leaf that I got rid of about a month ago, and it still had 78% battery capacity after 60,000 miles. Tesla’s could supposedly go 300k miles before it’s range drops below 100 miles (with the particular Tesla I did the math on). Also batteries are always getting better and cheaper, so when you do need to replace your battery will last even longer.

I like hydrogen, and I plan to experiment with it, but the infrastructure is just not there right now. You got that whole chicken and egg thing going on with it.


What the fuck? Why?

EDIT: I’m sad now. Thanks for ruining hump day for me. :frowning:


Don’t know about the international market, but the American market is moving away from cars and towards SUVs. Majority of people don’t want small cars anymore.


I do.

I drive a Miata and think my E class is too big.

Also, if someone can sell me a crossocer/suv with the same performance of the RS, then we can talk about them.


Me to. EVO, Speed 3, and Focus RS are all down, and the eclipse is a fucken SUV.

And it’s so sad. Some of my friends have gotten SUVs and I’m just wondering why. They’re heavy, unstable, aerodynamically challenged, don’t stop, turn, or go. I don’t see any reason for SUVs to be as popular as they are. A wagon is a much better option IMO.


Agree, there are a few exceptions. One is the more off-road focused, truck chassis style SUVs (4Runner), and the other is high performance sleepers (Jeep trackhawk).


Some wagons aren’t even wagons anymore.

The Subaru Outback is considered a “crossover SUV” now.


That’s unfortunate. In that video they mentioned you can’t get the STI in hatchback anymore which also sucks.


I guess it’s time to embrace electric, finally.


Id love to have model 3 but its still insanely priced for me.


hatchbacks are overrated. fite me.


Personally, I think the model 3 is uglier than the Nissan Juke.

The model S isn’t bad, but it’s nothing to write home about. It’s a luxury car for a businessman who’s wardrobe consists purely of $5000 suits all in navy blue.

The major problem with the model 3 is what the fuck happened to having a design on the frontend?! The damn thing looks like they took the side view of it, made it real, said “Good enough for government work.” and proceeded to somehow have quality control issues with the worlds least complicated car.


I’ve already embraced them (as you know), but they don’t have the peaky power of a gas engine, and with no manual your missing out on a connection with your car which makes them less fun anyway, though they’re fun in their own way. Still I really do hope gas cars stick around for quite some time, and running them off hydrogen might be an option, if environmentalists outlaw them.


They’ll have to pry my miata from my cold, dead hands.

That doesn’t mean that 10 years from now, I won’t buy a badass electric, when companies actually start making decent looking ones.

The new leaf isn’t bad, the spark and bolt aren’t terrible either, but they’re not cars that I’d look at and say “I want that” Especially compared to what a lot of their gas powered rivals (even from the same manufacturer) have.