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That’s why I want one. For the meme.


this fucking automation game is the shit

This is a V16 BTW.


I feel like a lot of it is just finding the balance between letting off the clutch and applying throttle. Let the clutch out too fast and it dies, too much throttle and I burn out. Quite a few times I’ve screeched away from a dead stop, then chirped the tires going into second.

I’m finding that my brain isn’t all that great at doing multiple things at once. Trying to perform fine motor skilled tasks with both feet and both arms all at once is proving problematic.


You’re trying to act too fast, probably. Take it easy. You don’t need to get going as fast as an auto.

Do you know where your bite point is?


In San Diego for the week and noticed this-

Both sides were rebuilds from a taco forum recommended company that uses aftermarket boots that are supposed to handle the increased angle of the lift.

Thing is my lift is not that much higher than stock AND I have a diff drop… Might get a new set with just OEM boots, but hoping to find a solid solution.


the key is to find the friction zone and sit in it until the car starts to move. for me its not one smooth fluid motion necessarily, though it can be.

let it out to a grabbing point but still slipping, give gas, let the car get going a bit, then let it out the rest of the way. when I say let the car get going a bit I mean like beyond 1-2mph. you dont want to slip the whole time to 10mph.


The angle looks fine to me.

If I had the tools to pull the axles, I’d offer to help you fix it while you’re local. :stuck_out_tongue:


Right?! The angle isn’t that bad, but I forgot to mention it’s a ‘midtravel’ setup, I have aftermarket UCAs and extended droop coilovers, so when I’m romping off road they can end up getting extended pretty far as the suspension cycles.

This community is awesome! No worries man, but if you are down to meet up sometime in the afternoon this week I’m game.


I have a fairly good idea where the clutch starts to grab and the RPMs start to drop.

I think you’re right, I need to slow down and think through things.

Like what happened this afternoon on the way home. At an intersection making a left, cross traffic does not stop, cars across waiting to go, truck pulls up behind me. Lots of stress, it’s my turn, I panic and drop the clutch, killing it. I don’t know why. Just need to calm down, slow down.

I like this. I need to experiment more with the friction point. I think I may have figured out exactly what you are describing, letting the clutch out while lightly applying throttle, feeling it grab and applying more throttle and getting moving, let more clutch out slowly and apply more throttle. I can sense the point where I am pretty positive I can fully release the clutch and not worry about killing it.

It’s just being consistent and not getting flustered.

I also have this thought at the back of my mind that I am on the clutch too much, riding the clutch. Taking turns, stopping, in parking lots. I feel like I don’t know what to do when. Every gear I pick is either too high or too low, so I end up on the clutch coasting or in neutral coasting. Doesn’t feel right.


In my car I’m letting the clutch out to the middle of the friction zone, holding it there for a second, and applying gas. Then clutch out the rest of the way.

As far as gears go its catch 22 in that car. Small rpm range because diesel and tall gears because german. Dont be afraid to beat the piss out of it. It would be more ideal if you had something like my civic in setup, lots of RPM and close ratio. On that jetta your bread and butter are from 2k to 3.5k. You will get a feel for how it sounds and know when to shift. Try not to think about RPMS though. Let the sound of the car guide you. It will tell you if you’re fucking up. If it doesnt seem right, it probably isnt. Eventually it will come naturally.

Youll get there.


Not a bad idea. I’m only available Friday, and that’s kinda iffy.

Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.

To drive well is to be one with the car. Learn the bite point and just past the bite point, there’s what my girl calls the “g spot.” G stands for Go… It’s in a different spot on every girl clutch, so you’ve got to experiment to find it. Once you’ve found it, hold pressure there to make the car go with minimal wheelspin and minimal bogging of the rpms.

It also gets the ladies going when you can properly operate a clutch, so there’s that…



How’s the car coming along?


Thanks guys for the advice and support. I know it’ll be a learning curve. I’m not getting down on myself. I’m actually a little surprised I’m not all that frustrated. It feels good to analyze what I did wrong and try to figure out how to do it right. It’s been a while since I’ve attempted to learn something so new and foreign.

And maybe I’ll get my shit together and actually try this next…


I get that.

Really, you need to spend more time just relaxing while you’re learning. Relaxation is what it’s all about.


You might get the ladies from properly operating the clutch but a real lady will only be interested in seamless down shifts during heel toe.


This. my younger brother does fine on his own on a back road, put him in traffic at a light and he stalls every time.


Do you even double clutch.


Ain’t nobody got time fo dat. unless if your synchros are thrashed I don’t see a reason to


False. It pisses off your girlfriend because she can’t hold your hand while you drive.


implying you can’t hold hands and change gears at the same time.