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Driving my Yota to work tomorrow for the first time I’m actually really excited.


Airbag recall been going on. Nothing is sacred. Even the GL1800 got hit. :joy: I didnt even know they had airbags.


I hesitate also to throw money into a car just to bring it to the same performance level as my Civic. It is after all a 200k+ 16 year old car.

The reason I keep it is it’s had a new top end. Dfis remanned injection pump. And I’ve spent hours making it a reliable car.


Shouldnt be a problem, driving manual isnt that hard really.


How was it?


Pretty awesome, couldn’t ask more of a 25 year old truck. I do however have a long list of things to do now though as I just released half of these after today’s drive lol.


Congratulations! You did that very quickly, and now that’s 2 manual swaps that have been finished in this little tread… Well at least to a drivable state (still need to get mine reflashed).

You getting driving it all figured out?


Those all look like little things, except maybe that patch you plan on doing to the driver rear (can’t quite make out that first word). So that’s good.


Frame patch. Not little lol. It’s the only major thing.


Yeah, I’m figuring it out. Sort of trial by fire, or trial by error. It’s a whole lot of “No, no, that doesn’t feel right. How can I do that differently?”

Parking lots are terrifying. So are stop lights. Hills are terrible. Stop lights on hills are panic inducing. Thankfully I live near and around small towns, and 95% of my short commute to work is rural.

I will say I am becoming more confident with starting out from a dead stop. I was having a bad time with that, but I’ve been noticing that it’s becoming a little easier. It’s actually a little cool to notice myself learning and improving.


Pull ebrake so you can do clutch and gas, get to the friction zone from there, let off ebrake and off you go. practice it on flat areas, youll be a pro in no time. that car is fairly easy for a stick being a diesel an all.


Don’t let me do it.

I don’t need it.

I don’t need it





Ew, frame was my best guess, but I was in denial. How bad is it?


Can you describe what’s happening we your taking off from a dig?

Hills are going to sketch you out for quite some time. Unless you use the e brake like Adubs said.


Bad. it’s only one side though. Driver side of the truck is rustier than the passenger by a considerable degree don’t know why.

I’ve circled what needs replaced for those who may not realize the extent of work that needs done.


Repost for Adubs

Still worth it!


Hmm, that is pretty bad. Almost looks like it would be better to frame swap it… Although if you pay someone to fix it the frame swap probably would be more expensive.


fuuuck frame swapping the rest of it is too clean can’t be bothered. My step brother is going to help me do it on the cheap. At the end of the day this is my beater car not a project. the top and outside of that section are still 100% solid it’s not too difficult of a repair job it’s just a really scary unrepaired job.


“heatsoak your asshole”