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Cagers man. smh


my continentals are supposed to be 40k and they will probably need to be changed at 25k


You got me looking through pics. I found a similar scenario.


Its the stock rear for the bike which is a bridgestone battlax hypersport. Basically a DOT approved track tire. I’m probably going to replace it with the new sportmax Q3+


Either you have a dunlop something, or a bridgeston battlax hypersport. But not both. lul. They give the FZ09’s super sticky tires front he factory though? huh.

Ive never run anything other then pilot roads at this point. All the used bikes Ive bought came with a set of those. Perfectly competent for track use as well (at my skill level on a bike with <150hp


Yeah, freudian slip. was thinking about what I was going to replace them with.


Fair. I knew the latter were dunlops. Not familar with bridgestone tire naming. I was originally going to run Pirelli Diablo Rossi III’s but the pilots are just such a good tire. And I get such life out of them as a majority commuter and tourer.

Hoping this set lasts until the pilot road 5’s have the GT version released for me to get. GT’s do a wonder for lifespan on a 550lb bike.


I’m not really a track guy. maybe one day but the Q3+ seems like a good compromise of grip and life. I squared off the stock tire to the wear indicators. The sides are fine.


Keep forgetting to post his, someone close by has this and makes me want it so badly!!!


Turns out he backed out of the deal after arriving with a trailer anyway (on saturday).

Way too much of the car was missing; radiator support, most of the front end, the gearbox was auto and not manual, was missing various interior pieces, etc.

Would have been a $15k AU job to get it back on the road, which is way more than you’d want to spend on a project you pick up for $3k :smiley:

Re: close calls on bikes.

If you’re having them regularly you aren’t paranoid enough. I see dumb shit on a regular basis but generally don’t get surprised any more.

People in cars are either blind, arrogant, hostile or all of the above.

Whether you legally have right of way or not, assume they’re trying to kill you.

Worst thing you can do is hang about to take happy snaps or antagonise them.

Open gas, GTFO, and don’t be near them.


The Future of Motor Sport.

These 1948 pedal cars cost up to $6,500 and then people tune them to be faster.


Not a fan either of them either, but this one I can get behind


It is done.

I’m pretty terrible at driving manual. Going to be a lot of learning. Trying to not fall into bad habits.


mkiv jetta/golf? I have a 02 TDI jetta I need to either get rid of or get to building on.


Yeah, I’ve got an 02 Jetta TDI too. Original 02M auto made it 250k, so not bad.

I’m thinking about what I’m going to do next. Bigger turbo, nozzles, and exhaust maybe. Gotta get used to the manual first, though.

What did you have planned?


Was dicking around with my Toyota, tried to remove the trailer hitch. my sledgehammer lost to 25 years of crust and so did the E-brake.


The nice part is you’ve already got the 11mm injection pump.

I would like to for nozzles and a tune but I’ll need a clutch before any of that. The stock one isn’t made to take too much.

Plan on using these guys


Yeah, I have the 11mm pump because of the auto. I also have an electric lift pump I’ll probably put in for even more fun.

I got the G60/VR6 clutch kit for my setup. The transmission I got came with a stock clutch that has about 3k miles on it, but I decided to go for the better clutch because of the future plans.

I have the Malone Eco Tune currently. Got it when I did the EGR delete. I’ll probably do Stage 2 or 3 eventually.


Unfortunately most of the work is out of my wheelhouse. I’m unsure if I want to get this deep into a car with no help so it just sits in my garage rotting away on wheel dollies.


Yeah, I could never have done the transmission swap myself. Thankful that I have a TDI guru buddy who is extremely knowledgeable in all things Volkswagen. He’s done around 10 of these swaps.

If your car is just sitting anyway, it may just be a fun project. If you have disposable income. I am realizing, quickly, that a lot of money can be thrown at these cars.