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I’ll be open to getting one when I move to town. For now I’ll stick with my cages.

Haha, nice! Maybe I should get one. I had a semi force me into on coming traffic just a few days ago. Fortunately nothing bad happened.


Found it. This was inches, but in classic gopro fashion, it was miles. Even the gopro hardly picked up the horn.


woah shit.

That’s crazy close.

I wouldn’t have passed that dude though. Based on his lane habits, I could tell he was getting ready to change.

EDIT: Not to say you’re in the wrong.


I didnt pick that up from him. He was center lane right up until I started to get close and then he started to cross. Also about 2 hours in of peaceful highway riding with very few cars as you can see.

I dont doubt what you are saying though. I usually try to hold back when they look like they are about to change. Partly because maybe he had 0 reason to change with no one infron and no exit coming up I didnt use as much caution. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Edit: I guess there was an exit. Ha fancy that. (There was plenty of room for him to stay put still)


When this happens to me I fold their mirrors in for them. They werent using them anyway.


There is that, but ya, know, he wasn’t aggressive about it and more importantly, he backed off quickly. Wasnt one of those “Im just gonna keep going because you dont take up much room as a bike”


Magnificent bastard.

If people would just learn to refill their blinker fluid, we wouldn’t have these sort of problems. Or less of them.

It’s a combo of look and indicate that cause major problems with motorcycles.


Dont forget cellphones as the next common problem.

Can I add prius’ as the 4th? /s


I cant get mad at people too much because most of the time I’m the one whos being the dickhead. That bike makes it so easy to do.

I may also be a dickhead in my car too but less so.


Yeah, I have a friend with an FZ. I “steal” it every now and then and it’s really not a good bike for being “responsible”


Props to this guy for keeping his cool, I can’t keep my head cold when stuff like this happens and want to smash in the face of the car driver.

Extended bike break will be good for me :clap:


Oh, I do burnouts at stoplights in the benz. I don’t know the meaning of “less so”


We all have those moments.



Dammit, now I’m getting the itch again… Might have to pull out forza to quell the need.


No burnouts for me, my tires were $1000. 100mph+ on the other hand.


yeah, mine are like $120/corner and I only do that when I want to even out the wear.

Since my rears are wider than the fronts, I can’t rotate them.


my rear tire on my bike made it 2200mi.


as a side tangent to that pic I just posted. Story time with where taht came from.

So, Commuting to work. I have a whopping 10 minute commute. Im driving behind a truck (fuckboi #2) and a car (fuckboi #1) on my right. In front of the car is a semi. Semi make a right turn. Car merges into me not wanting to slow down, Way to close, and flips me off at the same time. AND TO TOP IT OFF the fucking truck brake checks both of us. Aftwards, I got ahead not wanted to deal WITH ANY OF THAT SHIT, and come to find the car is now chasing me. 90 in a 55 and he is keeping up. So I dip off a sideroad, to lose him. (And scrape my exhaust in the process. Bit toooo much lean there.)


Damn, I get 35k mi out of my 40k tires. (Pirelli P Zero)


lul wtf. I am on 15k on my Michelin Pilot road 4 GT’s

Got maybe another 2-3k left in em