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WTF you lucky bastard.
Very cool that you even know someone with one of those, but it just so happens it’s your father, and on top of that you have a good chance of getting it. I don’t think I’ve ever been so jealous. Haha


It’s not really small, or cheap. the entire rear end needs torn apart lol and thus may as well do all the bearings. Don’t get me wrong still super happy about the truck just bummed I gotta deal with this I don’t have the tools to properly press bearings (neither did the one I dropped it off at must need something special) so I have a shop doing it.


Pickings are probably slim for that year but have you checked the wrecking yards? Change out the whole axle…


I’m the kind of person that would rather refurbish than replace with something high mileage, cause Lets face it anything I find will have more miles than mine


If I had $1100 to spend on car stuff…



I just assumed it wasn’t going to be a big job, based on my experience with a Jeep (so I could be way off base). Friend and I welded the diff and replaced the rear axle shafts in under 2 hours (no bearings though).

So far I’ve been able to make something work with the 2 “special tool” jobs I’ve done, but I could see how that would be cumbersome, and given the condition of the truck, you probably just want it done right.


Well i got potentially good news. The specialty shop I dropped it off at thinks the bearings are fine and it’s just a simple leak (yay) they’ll figure out for sure mon/tues then i can finally drive this thing.


Uhh… :smirk:


Most expensive knockoff brides i’ve ever seen lol. Probably because they’re claiming they’re real.

You can tell they’re knockoffs because the ‘bride’ fabric is slightly different from seat to seat, all bride seats are identical. also the fabric on the bottom of the one on the left is jacked.


I got roped into posting this one.

9th gen Si

new stoptech street rotors, hawk HPS pads, and stoptech braided lines. I was going to do front and back today but I just got done with the front and decided to save the back for next weekend so I can get some other stuff done.

The battery on this car is such a pile of crap that just getting in and out to bleed the brakes killed it…to be fair though I havent been driving it much since I got the FZ09. Hard to want to drive a civic si when you have something that goes like a hellcat you could be taking.


Welcome. I’ve seen your civic before, and it looked like nice clean daily. I don’t know anything about bikes, but @The_Russian_Spoider is into them.


Just imagine you’re driving a really powerful car, but you can only drive it ace ventura style with your head out the window. Now you know about bikes.


Haha. Done deal! Gonna run out and get one now.

I’ve always been scard of them and a while back I never thought I’d even think about getting one, but then Alta put out an electric bike that I thought about getting to replace my EV. Didn’t end up doing it though.

Official video:

Review, of sorts:


They can be intimidating at first but if you sign up for your local MSF you can get some real seat time and instruction. If you can manage driving stick, then you can ride. its not hard and youll get comfortable pretty quickly.


O neato. I considered getting an FZ9 when I was looking for my current VFR800. Really aweseome bike. I dont think I have any new pics of the bike to share. I have some wheel cleaning pics tho. I have found the secret to owning clean white wheels.


It’s more where I live. I’ve had a few dirt bikes growing up, but around here there’s long strait road that you do 60 mph on, with 2 way stop sign intersections for the cross roads. And when someone doesn’t stop stuff like this happens.

I might have been able to avoid it on a bike, but if I couldn’t I be in rough shape at best. Other drivers is what’s scaring me off from bikes.

BTW those wheels came with it. Definitely not my style lol


Depends on a lot. I always look both ways before entering an intersection regardless of lights/signs. Same with railroads. Good habit to pick up, but otherwise, eh, cant say whether you could avoid it or not.

This sort of shit does happen though.


That video is making me irrationally angry. I would have busted windows and broke mirrors.


I do as well, but this was on intersection where I didn’t have a stop sign. And I assumed he was turning right, and when I realized he was going straight it was too late.

Those are my skid marks (few days later). Speed limit was 55 I was going 60. As you can probably see there wasn’t any time/too much speed for me to swerve. He was in a truck going from the left side to the right, and the front corners of our cars collided.

Really selling me on getting a bike. Haha


lulul. Fact o the matter unfortunately. I still put 15k miles on this vfr in a year. Despite having wrecked it and broke down both taking a few months out of my riding.

The big reason for being able to avoid things on a bike more easily is less because of mobility, and more of riding a bike puts you very much in the moment. Youll likely see it start slowing thinking “dont be a bitch dont be a bitch, YOU FUCKING BITCH” and be slowed enough to manage. this is the majority of those who pull in front of me.

I dunno, at the same time, Ive had so many people pull in front of me it is getting absurd. I installed an airhorn the other day for when I had a guy fully merge into me on the highway. I could not hear my horn with both of us moving 80mph. So that was that. Airhorn installed. seeing if I can find the clip. I have it somewhere