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I really need one of these



All of my yes.

I talked about my hard on for vipers in a post a bit up. :smiley:
I won’t get back into it tonight.


Heh. Vipers are fat overweight barges that are slower than a Corvette :smiley:


Only for racing seats, just like helmets there’s a point at which where they aren’t strong enough to do their job at 100% capacity.


Lots of stuff in sanctioned racing has time limits on use. Seatbelts, suits and now seats come to the top of my mind. Some can be re-certified. FIA, NHRA, AHRA, all the various off-road race sanctioning bodies, etc.


Maybe, but Vipers look way better.


Bad news with the Toyota pickup brought it to my mechanic to fix the pinion seal in the rear diff and discovered the pinion bearing is bad… So now it’s time to rebuild the rear end. RIP bank.

Otherwise he said its a good truck he looked over everything for me couldn’t find anything wrong.




At least it’s not the bottom end of the block.


I’ll be pretty happy when I get ahold of this:


Is that actually happening?

Because jealous


That’s my dad in the right of the photo. As long as he doesn’t sell it, yes, it’ll happen.

The wife won’t be so happy, but whatever, she doesn’t have to ride in it :joy:


Lucky bastard.

What model year is it?


2004 IIRC


Ah, that’s pretty sweet.

Never even seen one in person, let alone been inside.

Looks about right. That red is wonderful.


There are some quirks, like being able to bash your head on the door if you lean forward to step out. You basically just swing your legs out and stand straight up.


My Miata has the same thing, but with the A pillar.


Yeah no shit I’d keel over I’ve only driven it 20 miles so far.


That’s a high price per mile. :smiley:


If you’re buying a good condition old car there’s always going to be a few little things here and there. I don’t think any less of your amazing deal with such a small problem. Probably won’t even cost you $100 to do it yourself.