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I need stiffer suspension in my car.

Had to dodge some dumb people yesterday and found my car has more roll than I prefer.


Only time I looked at pricing was at a dealer, looked at sticker prices because I was curious. One was 104k and another 130k.

But dealer sites are advertising 30-60k for most Mercedes models. My Silverado msrp was 48.


That price is crazy low (at least for here), and that thing is by far the cleanest 4x4 truck I’ve seen of that year so far.

Also I’ve shown a few of my coworkers your post, and even had coworkers flagging down more coworkers like wait, he bought that for how much!? Hay Bob, come check this shit out.

Congratulations man!


It’s crazy low for here too, out in Ohio where the winters and salt are hell on cars a 2wd variant in this condition could sell for more than I paid for this 4x4. My dad adamantly thinks I’m an idiot for paying as much as I did thinks the kbb value of $1500 is accurate for this truck.


KBB can be a bit of a joke.

It thinks a GC8 in very good condition is only worth like $1000.


We might be talking about different cars then.

The base of the base models on most “entry level” Benz is between 28 (cla) and 45. You can easily double the price with add-ons, and you can also get the amg model which easily puts the car up to at least 70k.

The showroom models are definitely not the ones most people can afford, more of a dream car sorta thing. Mine, for example was 1/6 the price of those cars you were looking at.


Dad drove my Toyota Pickup to the mechanic for me today to fix the rear diff (cba to deal with that i’m lazy) and so they can put a second set of eyes on it in case if i missed anything that needs addressed. His opinion of the car did a 180 he loves it now and seems to understand why I paid what I did I guess he thought it was clapped out when in reality it has plenty of life left.


Lmao I love Taylors channel.


Anyone know where to find knockoff bride seats? asking for a friend so he can avoid them >_>


What is?


Bride seats. Look em up.


Real ones are expensive… there’s fakes out there just don’t know where to find them.
These seats are probably expired too. (not really an issue for non race applications but it knocks down the price a lot)


So, my boss whos is a fellow car nut just picked up a Nissan Skyline V35 series. For cheap…

With a mostly complete LS1 swap in it.


There’s an expiration date for seats?


Why ruin a perfectly good LS?


Lol. The v35 chassis is pretty damn impressive. It’s the same platform as the 350Z

LS into skyline is big over here in the drift scene now…

The only local cars with LS motor are the commodores which are significantly larger and heavier than the V35.


Yeah. Not a fan of the new Nissan chassis. They perform well but I don’t like the looks.


Depends on the variant. They can look hot.



To each their own.


Fair enough too.

I do think that they most definitely need the correct headlights and tail lights. There are a few variants, and IMHO the lights other than those pictured, and the grille other than that pictured looks… ugh.