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I mean, i just picked mine up for $3k which is about what you would pay for any truck with similar condition and milage. just have to be patient I looked for 3 months to find this.


Yup, that’s about what I’d be real happy paying. There’s a nice '93 some guy was fixing up for his daughter but asking $5500 and supposedly only willing to negotiate in person. Has the V6 3.0L.

Although on closer look, only 73k…


that’s the only way to negotiate IMO. This seller was adamant on $3500 but i pointed out the frame needed patched and knocked on it with my knuckles and it just kinda made a thud instead of a ting. was able to get him to knock off $500 for that and my step brother is going to weld it for a case of beer lol. The only true way to negotiate is with solid ground to stand on.


Except I’m a terrible negotiator.


You just make an itemized list in your head of what’s wrong with the vehicle and just rattle it off so for example earlier today:

I really like your truck but as I pointed out it needs a patch in the frame and the driver side lower control arm will need replaced soon it’s pretty crusty I can only do $2900.

It’s not that hard. If you can’t agree on a price then just remind them you’re there with cash in your hand if that doesn’t do it then just walk.


Yep you have to be hard on them.
I did the same wenn i boaght the Seat.


I wasn’t even that hard on him. If a car is too far out of the zone I want to pay (IE the listing is 25% above my top dollar) I won’t bother. @Steinwerks the starting point of what they ask also has to be realistic. If him asking $5500 is $1500 above your top dollar you probably won’t succeed you can probably talk $1000 tops off a $5500 car.


Yes of course you also have to be realistic indeed.
I´m kinda concidering to sell my Seat again.
Maybe i could probablly even make a tiny profit on it.


Both of my cars are appreciating in value and I find that funny.


At 73k miles it’s not bad IF it’s in the shape he says it is.

But honestly I’m not a real big car guy. I wouldn’t mind being more knowledgeable but that’s not my forte.


Thats kinda funny indeed.
I boaght the Seat for cheap, and i allready got some interests for it.
If i would trow it on the internet for sale like $1500,-.
Then people who are interested are probablly going to bid me down a littlebit.
But even if they would bid me $1350,-, that would still mean a tiny profit.
I´m hardlly going to loose much on this one.
I just want more Horse powers.


If you’re not a car guy always bring someone who is. I know my way around a car so i just brought myself but the average joe or even someone who’s just a little unsure such as yourself should bring a mechanic or someone knowledgeable.


Yeah, I don’t know anyone where I’m moving yet…


You said you’re also looking at a toyota pickup yes? I can give you a checklist of common problems.


That would be awesome.


My first car was acquired for $1500, sold it a couple years later for $3000.
Next car was bought for $500, sold for $1500 after another couple years.


Dig the looks


Damn. That’s looking awesome.

Not that it’s anywhere near my price range.


Even their station wagon costs more than my house… No thank you


Yeah, that shit is quite expensive, but more importantly, how did you manage to buy a house for under 35k?