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We got a bunch done on Saturday night. Removed everything related to the auto from the harness. Installed new axles, put the exhaust back together, programmed the ECU to manual, verified cruise and revese lights worked. Waiting for the power steering line, as the auto goes over the transmission while the manual goes under. That should arrive Wednesday.

So, Wednesday night we should be done. Just have to do some coolant stuff, the power steering line, and change out the valve cover. Probably a couple more small wiring things, then it’s done.

Edit: Here’s a sort of before picture of the wire harness mess:


Speaking of clean, the end of my road is still dirt.

My grey car is now a dark khaki color.


Is it supposed to be dirt?

Plus, I thought you liked off road?


It’s supposed to be paved. Although it is actually smoother now that it’s dirt.

And I do, but there’s too much stuff around to really have fun.


Funny how that works, huh.


I believe it hasn’t been fully repaved in at least 15 years, the town just kept patching the potholes over and over. And then the side of the road started really eroding a few years ago and the road got narrower.

I don’t have high hopes since the town hired the same people to pave as they did to fix the bridge after it collapsed (bridge is off center by a couple feet).


Wow, they really picked a winner there.


It was a great time.

Bridge washed out in March or something, towns were bickering over who would pay for it (physically in Town A, but most of the road is in Town B), and when they finally figured who was going to pay for it it was October. Meanwhile the only other way out is across another, taller, bridge.

And then the new bridge was finished and it’s offset enough that when driving from Town A side to Town B side your passenger headlight would hit the guardrail if you don’t move over a bit. Which can be exciting when a car is coming from the other direction and they don’t move over a bit also.

Yay, small town America.


Damn. How the hell did they manage that one?

Seems like not only a serious oversight, but downright incompetence.


I don’t know, sometimes I just get the feeling that the town cheaps out on some things to try and force gentrification for whatever reason.

From what I understand the company they contract is almost always the cheapest bidder on road work. The town hired a local business to plow the town roads (F150s and plowing miles of roads? Really?). They’ve recently started putting up those “Your Speed Is” electronic signs that flash when you’re going over the speed limit, they started going after abandoned homes and property with overdue taxes almost ruthlessly, and they even tried to put in an EV charging station by the town hall.


That’s a standard practice.

That’s how it works. They probably don’t have a ton of income, so they need to do it on the cheap.

Definitely sounds like they are hurting for money.


the buyer backed out going to potentially buy the truck today. please let there be no gremlins I’m ready to have my truck.


I don’t see how cheapening out would aid in gentrification?

the process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle-class taste.

Usually it’s the opposite that happens as money moves into poor areas.


That’s what I don’t get. They’re spending money on making things “nice” like the EV station, finally paving roads, resurveying the entire town, and whatnot, but then they cheap out on it all?

One of the roads that was just repaved less than a month ago by the same company doing my road feels like your driving over fine pebbles. Nowhere near smooth.

Disregarding that half the population of the town looks like they could be on the People of Walmart website and/or use heroin for breakfast.


Ah, so a half-assed attempt at nice-ifying the place. Usually what happens before realization sets in about getting what one pays for.


Say hello to my new truck!

1993 Toyota pickup. 22RE mated with a 5 speed 4x4 159k miles.

The owner only had it for 8 days as it was aquired in an estate sale. A little old man used to drive this thing till he passed along and the love put into this truck shows. The new owner wanted to keep it however could not because of his wife (lol)


Looks real clean, gz on finally getting one.


just needs a small frame patch my step brother is going to do it for me so I don’t have to run out and buy a welder


@Steinwerks (bringing the convo here as not to derail the other thread)
Looks like that ebay truck is fully loaded with all options. EFI was only an option in 85 and obviously 4x4 was optional. It’s a cool truck but the guy is nuts for what he wants for it at the end of the day it’s a cheap utility truck age can only add so much value to that.

Link for those who are curious what i’m talking about.


Oh I don’t disagree. Seems everyone wants more than they tend to be worth. Which sorta sucks because I just sold my Silverado and really want a “beater” Toyota but don’t want any more loan shit, which means my budget is ~$7k. I’d like to pay less of course.