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When in doubt seafoam it out


The face only a mother father could love.

Naw, it was definitely the EGR valve. Drove to work and it ran great. Might toss some injector cleaner in , though.


If you’re at all concerned, throw some in. It’s not expensive and as long as you adhere to the ratio recommendations, you won’t damage anything. I usually run injector cleaner through my vehicles once every few years, and when I first get my hands on it, if it’s not a new vehicle. Can never be too safe.

That’s odd. What specifically was wrong with EGR?


Just being 28 years old. It didn’t actuate smoothly. All gummed up and crusty with carbon buildup.


Seller responded.

It’s a stick shift (yay) but it’s 2WD…

This is gonna be my winter truck so idk :confused: anyone have experience with 2wd trucks in the snow? thoughts?


It’s kinda fun, won’t be a problem if it’s flat where you live.


Mostly flat yeah but everything i’ve ever driven has been 4wd or awd lol.


Well traction is pretty much non existent with those on snow, it’s much worse than your typical 60/40 RWD sedan without any load on the back.


i imagine sandbags will be a must.


Yeah, my folks used to live in MA. They’d load up sandbags and old barbell plates in the back of the Ranger they had when it would snow. They’re not sure if it was placebo or if it actually helped.


It helps a lot when there’s stiff leaf springs and a solid axle (which is pretty much always)

But you should have 100 kilos or more to make a decent difference.


I’m officially taking the Nissan Hardbody for a test drive tomorrow I’m so excited.


Don’t fall in love before you see it.


I’m in love with the truck not this truck. We’ll see if it’s as nice as the pics make it look.


Just looking out for ya.

I’ve made the mistake of wanting a car so much that I paid too much for it in the past.


Good thing about trucks is they’re easy to crawl under :grin:


I had a rustbucket 80s Datsun 720. 2wd 4spd. Sand bags and chains for if you need them. And you are good to go.

I miss that truck…


Make sure that sandbags and metal plate is contained in the event of an accident. A former owner of a truck I own built a 2"x4" sandbox with a 3/4" plywood bottom and cover screwed down so the box was still usable.


STI buggy anyone?



cool, but not as cool as cleetus mcfarland’s twin turbo vette kart “leeroy”.

(search the youtubes for it :D)