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No problem. Given your tire size, they should be pretty good.


It’s a battle between three tires. I will be getting a set of four btw, I want them all replaced. It’s very difficult to choose between them. Pirelli P Zero, Eagle F1 Supercar 3, or Pilot Super Sport. Everything is over budget, but it’s fine, I’m down to one car for now so I don’t mind spending, I really care about tire performance, particularly on this older live axle death trap. They all seem to be pretty epic in summer. I just wish I could find out which of them could handle the cool, Spring/Autumn nights the best. They’re all close enough in price that I’ll just take the better cold performer. Gonna continue researching online, I’m not in any rush at all.

If anyone has experience with these brands/tires I’d love to hear comments. I’ve had P Zero Nero’s on my old Saab and loved them, but this Stang is a very different beast all together.


Perhaps a tire manufacturer from a northern climate? Sorry, I don’t have anything specific.


How cold?


Just on tyres (spelled correctly), i had pretty good experience with Bridgestone recently both on bikes and cars. The Potenza S001s i had on my E39 were great and half the price of the Michelin pilot alternative here.

On bikes, i’ve been happy with the S20, S21 and RS10R models. I used to be a Michelin Pilot 2ct fanboy on the bikes but S20 and S21 are way better life and better grip/feel. The RS10Rs are similar life to the old Power 2CT but way better traction and feel.


A friend used to have a cappuccino about 15 years ago.

He put a spare HKS blow off valve on it that he had kicking around from one of his other jap car projects.

Reckons the blow off valve was about half the size of the engine…


Those Eagle F1’s are going to be awful in the rain/snow.

My boss runs Pilot Super Sport on his Porsche GT3. He likes them, but complains that they’re a bit too harsh on the road. He liked the P Zero’s better for road, but still runs them during track season.


On my way home from the repair place, the CEL on the GTI came on again. I swear to god im going to wrap this fucking thing around a tree


What do you expect from a Volkswagen?


If it isn’t affecting performance, and oil/fluids are OK its only some emissions related stuff your car doesn’t care about anyway :smiley:


never again


Modern Volkswagens are totally trash indeed.
Unless you like their dealships coffee.


I had a scary moment yesterday. I was hauling a load of pallet racking I won at auction and a car pulled in front of me just as the light was turning yellow. She decided to stop and I was squealing all the way. I lifted off the brake for a moment and was able to steer into the empty right lane… She looked up at me and realized what a bone head move she had done. I smiled and shook my head. Of course now I need to check my trailer brakes as they didn’t leave any marks like my truck did. I rewired the trailer 2 years ago but something isn’t right. Also I was boneheaded too, I should have checked my trailer brakes before loading. Glad no damage or anyone hurt.

I checked the wiring and the ground wire in the plug had come loose. Hooked that back up and I have brakes working on the front axle but not the rear. There are some lights not working so I’m going over the whole wiring thing again. I’m going to check all the brake linings too.


The ride is abysmal as it is, so I’m gonna just grab the Super Sport tires. Thanks all for the replies. It seems as though there is no summer tire that will do well in cold, pretty much across the board lol.


Welcome to physics.


Yellow Hella headlights really cut through bad weather.
I also upgraded the plugs to handle the brighter wattage, covered the lens with 3M stone protection film and added the LED running lights in the grille.


Not to be that guy, but aren’t coloured headlights illegal in most places?

Being yellow I don’t think it would be as problematic as something like violet however.


Dayum. This Spark is way more more efficient than the Leaf in city driving, probably because the regen is way stronger (feels twice as strong), I almost never had to use the friction brakes.

Supposedly if I keep driving though town the way I was, I would have gotten over 100 miles (161km) (yellow arrow) out of this car that’s rated for 82 miles (132km). This was with light A/C (wether was mostly nice), and 3-4 miles of freeway driving (65+).

I stopped caring about miles when I reached 50 miles with the potential to go 100, and went back to having fun, but here’s the dash when I got home.
Noticed that even though I had the efficiency meter (yellow arrow) pinned to min it still suggested I could go over 90 miles (145km).

I didn’t think to grab a picture of this until I was home unfortunately.

You have so much you can do in this car there’s no way you could be bored lol. You can challenge yourself to drive as efficiently as you can, or enjoy it’s impressive pep, and tossibility.

I never held up any traffic whatsoever in order to get these results (I refuse to be that guy).

Edit: To give you an idea of how much more efficient the Spark is, this type of driving is what you’d have to do to achieve the rated miles of 82 in the Leaf, and I never saw more than 4.2 miles per kilowatt in the leaf, this was getting well over 6 (over 7 at times) miles per kilowatt.


You bastard. Stop tempting me!


Proceeds to tempt
Did you do the math on how much it would cost you to drive it for a month getting 6 miles per kilowatt.