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I replaced the Leaf mainly because it was boring af to drive, but it’s miles were also getting up there, and it was visual rough (mainly because I didn’t take care of it).

I haven’t driven enough, but from what I was researching this has about 15 more miles of range. They’re both rated for 82 miles, but the Spark’s range is more realistic, and the Leaf’s is optimistic.
Time will tell.

I never actually wanted a Leaf, but I’ve always wanted the Spark EV.



I was literally looking at CL listings for them today.


read the description rear diff is included with the clip.


I did get it, and I’m looking forward to doing a few simple modifications to it.

If you end up getting a 2014 we should compar our 0-60 times. I’m curious if they do accelerate the same.


The 25 year law has made some JDM cars I’ve always liked become available in the US- the 10 years ago me would have been all over a skyline, but what I’m chomping at the bit for now is a Suzuki Cappuccino.


I want an RA STI


There is a 25 y/o version of that?


Sorry I misspoke they were just called WRX RA back then.


Great taste!

I was looking at importing a Cappuccino a few months ago. I found one that would have (supposedly) cost me $8,000 all said and done.


There’s a 2015 with 24k miles for 8500. Tempted, but again, too many cars.


Mine was $10k even. Spark EVs were never sold hear, so I had to basically pay for them to get it here.


There are a few available, but prices are only listed on a couple. I’m tempted, but with 5 cars across 2 people already, another car is a bit stupid. Maybe I’ll get rid of the Hyundai…


Calling me stupid, lol.

What Hyundai do you have?


Nah, I’m only saying that because I don’t have the space to store it.

If you’ve got storage, happiness scales linearly with number of cars.

An Elantra 5 door. Wanted a hatch for road trips. I find that my Benz has more space than it with the back seats down though. :confused:


So tempting- I imagine their price is going up because of massive demand increase after the 25 years hit. Almost as a joke it would be awesome to then also buy a suzuki samurai- two miniature cars, two different use-cases haha. I see modified samurai’s off-roading in my neck of the woods, cool little things.


Rebuilt my limited-slip and now trying to find some budget tires (under $1,000) that will hook up but still do fair in wet weather. In the last ten years I’ve been disappointed with every tire I’ve bought except for one set that went on an older import I had. Any recommendations? It’s for a Mustang.


Pick 2.

How much power are you looking to hold and what tire size?


Won’t be more than 400whp. Current size is 245/35/ZR20 up front and 285/30/ZR20 out back. My current tires are decent in dry weather, but in wet weather they’re beyond awful, especially when the temp is down in spring and fall.


What tires? I’ve got Pirelli P Zero’s on my Benz and they’re great. They hook up fine in the dry, but in the wet they slide a tiny bit if you’re really punching it. The grip transition is not too bitey, so you don’t have to worry about snapping over if something does happen, and my last set lasted 35k miles. (rated for 40k)


Never owned those tires before but friends have. Will have to see if they’re in the budget. Thx tho