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Did quite a bit of driving today (150-ish miles).
Ended up killing my car twice, but I get to charge for free while I’m out, so it’s not too bad.


bring a generator next time


I feel like giving me an electric car would just be a bad idea. The last electric vehicle I had was an old mobility scooter, and I put three 12V’s in series to overvolt thte damn thing to hit 35mph.

A car? This just sounds like bad news to me.


MFW I realize how cheap it would be to convert a Celica into a GT4.

+$1000 of body and paint work


I forgot this threat existed :smiley:
I’m repairing rust on the roof of my car.

Needed to get an extra tool bit and some adhesive mesh because I discovered a hole in the metal :frowning: but should come out alright i think in the end.

As you can see there’s a bit more cleaning out to do before redoing the paintwork in that area. The hole is between the glass and roof inside the lip of the metal so its a little hard to get at.



What model of car is this you’re working on?


cheap second hand toyota aygo.


I’ve thought about getting one, but this happens very rarely, so I haven’t yet. If I know I’m going to do a lot of driving I’ll take my truck or Volvo (depending on which one has insurance).

That sounds like a blast! I put a golf cart motor on a scooter that wasn’t much bigger than a razor scooter. It was stupidity quick. I don’t know what it’s top speed was though. Honestly to sketch for me to push it to it’s top speed.

Get your self a citicar. Very cheap, and highly modifiable.


GTI is fucking up again, you guys have any ideas? Power seems lower than it aught to be, and if I accelerate too fast, the tachometer starts dropping and shooting back up, quickly and continuously, and the engine start stuttering like it wants to stop and stall.


You bastard. I thought you actually pulled the trigger.

That’s the exact same state of the market in SoCal though. :cry:


I really wished that my Seat had more power.
The lack of power really starts to annoy me.
Especially wenn driving with Airco on.


Well brother convinced me to just buy a tuner when I brought it up.

Anybody have any experience with tuners?
Specifically for my 2013 Chevy Sonic 1.4L turbo there is Trifecta, BNR(Bad News Racing), and Diablosport Intune i3.


I plan to over take lorries on certain roads, there’s a whole routine of using the hill to gain speed to over take before the next hill slows me down.


So, just picked up a 2008 Model Swift 1.5L for the girlfriend.

it’s about 220 kw down on my ute, but its a fun little thing to drive :slight_smile:


Haha lol, yeah those Ygo’s arent that fast either.
But they are more ment to be a city car.
My Seat Toledo is is 1.6 petrol engine and it produces 102HP at 1129Kg weight.
But it feels pretty slow compaired to my dads Merc haha. :smiley:


Oh lol, I couldn’t do that. My cars are pretty much just point and squirt.

That said, the Miata definitely loses power in the hills. That’s why turbochargers were invented.

They’re all probably good. Hard to mess up a tuner… I know a guy rocking the Diablosport. It’s been solid for him.


So my repair is well underway, primer coats are on pretty much. It’s definitely not perfect, i could have done the filler better and spent some extra time on it as its not perfectly smooth. There’s a couple of imperfections. But, it should come out pretty decent.


Rule of thumb: all imperfections can be polished out afterwards :wink:


I got pranked.