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Ah, yeah. You’ll definitely save some cash by going with OE (or equivalent) non-slotted rotors.


Sounds like the switch is fucked.


People who say that haven’t used it :slight_smile:

I’m aware of “OMG TEH O RINGS!!11!1”

It wasn’t a cost thing.

Using motul road as described above i got 25,000 km life if that
Using WD40 i got less chain lube crap everywhere, easier cleaning and 3x the chain life.

It’s a no brainer

I’ve actually tested lube and WD40 back to back, as did a bunch of friends here because we’d heard the horror stories and wanted to test for ourselves.

It works.

Chains and sprockets are cheap - give it a go for yourself. I was using a DID x-ring chain on my 600 doing it, and on the CBR1000RR it was the OEM honda chain. Yes, my OEM honda chain lasted until 78,000km. The original owner ran lube for the first 10,000, i used WD40 for the rest. All weather… rain, etc.

And I don’t ride like a little bitch either (below = rear tyre on my 600rr)… :slight_smile:

I’ll also note: once i got past 45,000 km life out of the chain, i didn’t care any more and got REALLY slack with the WD40. I’m sure it could have made 100,000 km if i was meticulous about it, but i figured "shit, i’ve got about double the life already and it is cold outside and i cant be bothered. So i got slack… i do about 600km per week on the bike commuting alone and may have gone up to 1-2 months without any form of WD40 application at all…


I mean you do you, but your sprockets would be eaten to shit by then and have become a liability for breaking teeth and lashing a chain. Going 1-2 months without WD40 means you are going without lube. Surprise surprise the chain wont just seize unlike what the keyboard warriors might say, but that is why you use lube in particular. Itll actually stick around when the bike sits. WD40 will not, itll drip off/evap. And usecase make a difference, if you are not putting stress on the chain, just some lazy commuting, well, it wont wear as much.

Just stay safe mate.


There is no “would have” about it.

i got way better wear with slack application of WD40 than i have in 10 years of using motul road. also, better economy due to less friction.

This isn’t theoretical speculation, this is fact - i actually did the test with two of my bikes. Got others to inspect the chain when changing tyres and getting major services done and they verified that the wear was fine. I specifically asked for comments on the chain without telling the guys i was running wd40 until after.

The only sprocket i’ve busted teeth on (in 12 years) was using motul road, at about 25,000 km (admittedly it was during a bad winter with a lot of shit on the road). When i replaced the chain and sprockets on the blade at 85000 or so there was SOME wear on the sprockets but i could have pushed it another few thousand km.

I mean inspect your chain for wear regularly whatever you run, but i did back to back testing and i’m not going back to chain lube. It’s snake oil… if you don’t like the idea of wd40 use engine oil.

Sticky “non fling” or “low fling” chain lubes collect dirt and grind the fuck out of everything. Like I think i said in my first post about this, if you are meticulous about cleaning things, low fling lube would be fine. But 99% of riders aren’t (ain’t nobody got time for that, etc.).

The lack of dirt collection by wd40 > the lesser lubrication vs. lube.

i wasn’t the only guy locally to give it a shot. here’s the thead from the local bike forum i’m on with discussion and people’s results/comments after having actually done it:

Originally inspired by “bikerider” (see post 14: )

See also other posts in thread by local racers - 14,000 track/race km out of a chain on wd40 on a race bike… and that as a 520 conversion on a blade…

Thread updated by multiple users over a span of a few years…



Dayum!!! That’s cheap. If that thing runs/drives alright I’d jump on it.


I need 1 more week to get my paycheck + bonus hope it lasts that long.
Hope the frame isn’t rotted too.
bout to message him YOLO


Seller got back to me.

493,000 miles but they’ve only owned it for 40,000 they have no records from the previous owner and performed no rebuilds or replacements of major parts within their ownership. Yeahnoooo


This gopro session snags a really good still sometimes.


That’s a ridiculous amount of miles. I feel that engine has definitely gotten freshened up at some point, but with that many miles it’s probably due for another.


yeah things have been replaced but with no records have no idea when. could have been 50k ago could have been 300k ago don’t know don’t want to gamble with it.


I get that.

Found another carfu to add to my automotive harem.

Wait what’s this?..
So close.




I stumbled on my CEOs car on craigslist

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If you know the guy well, definitely troll. lol

Unless you don’t think he’d like it.

If it were me I probably wouldn’t mess with it though. To lazy to come up with a way to make that entertaining. Plus I would be worried about wasting his time… You know what I change my vote.


The only surefire way to escape Thai traps


That’s sooo sketch. Very cool though. It’s even more impressive that it’s diesel (heavy af).


Automatic transmission meh…


That gif is supposed to be a shockingly disgusted reaction.

Right on the money.