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Suzuki Mighty Boy on Gumtree

This one


Jet ski of that era are pretty stupidly simple. That being said this is coming from a guy who “fixed” one by literally putting the ground back on the battery terminal.


Replacement fender acquired

She’ll be all better soon

yes those are bandaids


Harley has got some new bike. An ugly ADV bike,

and a legit sportbike

I dont like either. The sportbike I see why they did what they did. But it looks, very dated in styling. 2008 kawasaki Z bike. Figured some of you might be interested to see just for the fact of. Harley, trying to be sporty. lol.


Wait, that’s Harley?

Damn. I’m into the sportbike.


What a Buell should look like IMO.


I like the ugly fucker but would hate having to pick that bulky thing up after the inevitable drop.

Aren’t they dead?


HA. I don’t know. Probably Hopefully.


The ADV isnt awful if you get past the front fairing. And give it a comfier lookin’ seat. Those two things fixed, and maybe a better looking exhaust and it would probably be pretty sweet.

As far as picking it up, it looks like it is quite a bit smaller then something like the big ol’ GS’s so I dunno. As far as I am concerned no one should have to pick up something heavier then my 550lb vfr. B.c I certainly couldnt pick that shit up with my partial tears when I needed to.

And both bikes are still belt driven. Cmon. Stop. Well, I cant tell for the ADV, I hope it isnt.


Rides a 2005 vulcan 1500 classic with a few add-ons…

I think it’s around 680lbs or something like that.



hardley ablesons

they’re fashion items for cosplay enthusiasts


They had their vrscr


The hell is Harley doing? These designs look like sloppily formed playdough “That’s the general shape of what we’re going for YOLO fuckin send it” uttered the lead design of Harley, and so it became.

It’s like a Pontiac fiero and a Dodge neon SRT-4 it’s just fucking weird.


That seems like a thing Harley does though.

Question: why is chain better if you properly maintain your belt?


On motorcycles with actual power, belt slip may be a thing? Also, presumably at high speed/load heat may be an issue with a rubber belt (it certainly is with tyres at high speed, even in a straight line). Metal chains are more resistant to that.

Even a poorly maintained chain (WD40 when i feel like it) can get pretty damn good life.

i got 70,000 km (about 2 years, lol) out of my last chain on my CBR1000RR doing that. Ridden all weather (well, we don’t get snow here so…).

So long as you keep dirt out of it (and if you’re slack with chain cleaning, chain lube is the worst for attracting and holding dirt), chain life is pretty good.

What’s the life on a drive belt?

If you want hassle free, long life, low maintenance drive-train, go for a bike with shaft drive.

Problem is, i think retirement/old age pension is mandatory for that.


Here are my thoughts on the matter.

Firstly, we are talking a heavy ass ADV not a cruiser here, so the weight is very different. I can pick a goldwing up easy. A VFR gives me more trouble, it lies flat with a higher center of mass, and no lever points on the bike. So while a supersport is easy being 350-400lbs with a similar weight distribution, mine just adds 150 lbs on top of that. In theory with the new non folding racing sets I have on my vfr it should be easier to get up.

As for belt drive, whatever on the street. They dont last as long for performance applications, but my issue arises here. What if it breaks? Well, you’re shit out of luck. for a chain, carry a spare master link and some spare links, and youll be fine to get it back home. for an ADV bike, that seems important when rocks and such are everywhere out to get you. So if they cover that belt drive entirely, then maybe I wont have a problem with it.But otherwise, youre bound to get rocks tearing up that belt.

For life? I dont remember. I think it was something like 10k vs. 20k on a chain Some claim 100k+, but they are also riding 50hp harley’s so I’d take that with a grain of salt. (If that ADV bike is 50hp we have a big problem here.) ADV bikes these days usually have upwards of 180hp. Belts dont like that kind of power, they are too stretchy, you need tensioner, and your also screwed if the tensioner breaks.

Also thro, the belts are all kevlar, and toothed, so no belt slip. But it will stretch. You can break the teeth if you are really pushing some hp. Along with if you want to do hard launches, or wheelies, things that are tough on the drive train, you almost always see chain conversions for those applications,


Buell turned into EBR making some of the coolest vtwin superbikes out there. Not as powerful as ducati’s at the time, but cooler imo. I wasnt a fan of the panigale look. EBR is now out of buissness again. So no Buell or EBR in todays market.

EBR 1190RX

These bikes are what “Buell’s should have been.” if you were to ask me. The price was the problem here. They lagged behind the japanese and Italian bikes, which while fine and still an incredible bike, it had an inflated price to match. Those two things effectively killed it. I never saw one on the road. And why would I when you can get what is an effectively better bike for 5k$ less?


Just on chain life, it is HIGHLY dependent on maintenance and how you lubricate it.

Just apply chain lube every 500-1000 km? You’ll get 20,000-25,000km if that.

Keep it CLEAN by removing lube covered in dirt, etc. and lubricate it properly? I’m sure 100,000 km plus would be achievable.

I used to get 20,000 km to a chain while applying proper chain lube all the time (but not cleaning the chain meticulously).

Tried out WD40 and got 70,000 out of it with less maintenance, purely because the WD40 doesn’t get dirt and crap stuck to it and turn into a grinding paste…

I’ve seen a couple of Buells on the road here in Australia (a guy i work with actually rides an older one in occasionally). The problem is, as you say, why would you buy one (other than “character” and being different, sure)? Especially here, being extremely limited in dealer support network and plenty of other bikes being objectively better for less money.


Yea maintenance is just as key with belts as well. Otherwise those can go in less then 5000 miles. They are easier, but it needs done.

I didnt know there were people who didnt maintenance their chains other then more lube. I’ve always degreased, brushed, and then lubed when I did my chain. which I need to do in the next couple days


I ride a bicycle. I can’t remember ever lubing my chain. On my to do list now.