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Ah, I see you’re a man of culture too.

I got this less than a week ago, and I have plans to make a cockpit for it. What games do you play?


If you do, please share your designs. I’ve got the same as you, short of the shifter. I can’t really do a shifter on those games, it’s not accurate enough because I shift by putting pressure on the lever and when the clutch disengages, my hand throws it out of gear and towards the next ones. I can get some seriously quick shifts that way, but it doesn’t work that way with the simulator.

I play project cars and forza 7.


I’ll definitely keep you guys posted. Not sure if I’ll do it here or make a dedicated thread.

I know it feels odd, but I honestly didn’t even think about that yet, but I’ve been thinking up ways to make it feel more realistic (giving it more a more tactile feel & substance while shifting), I’ve got a few ideas, and I’ll have to keep in mind how hard it is to pull the trans out of gear while it’s under pressure. Thanks for pointing that out.

Did you do the break mod?


I did. It’s miles better, but I’m thinking about installing a stronger spring.


Cleaned my truck. GM makes such a pretty red.


Yeah. I had the absolute pleasure to do a full paint correction on a red camaro zl1 a couple years back. Best experience of my life.


Man Rich made it, been watching his channel since the beginning and always though it would stay small, I was wrong.


My friend and I was comparing exaust pipes the other day. I think mine is the nicest… I’m driving the Cultus on the left.


I’m going to have to give my vote too the BMW, but as far as cars I like yours better, because I love the Suzuki Swift, and your rear looks dang near identical. I assume it’s based off the Swift?


It is a Suzuki Swift from 1997. :smiley:


Definitely gonna side with @TeckMonster on this one. Like the exhaust of the BMW a bit more, but e39s never really stood out to me as interesting cars in general. Definitely fun to drive, but the swift is so much cooler, imo. (never had an opportunity to drive one)


Do you by chance have the DOHC?

My brother had the basic 1.3 SOHC that I got to drive quite a few times, and it was surprisingly fun, probably because despite that SOHC it still reved to almost 7K IIRC.

My father owned the Swift GTI new, and he’s always spoken so highly of it, so I’d like to get my hands on one someday.




They are a tough flexible plastic with hollow fins. On the teardrop shaped underside is a slight recess and it comes with double sided foam servo tape cut to fit. The flexible fins can conform to metal or glass. I got IKON Nissan EVO style from Amazon, $12 for 10 fins.


I’ve had a lot of fun with that one. I’m surprised how well the wheel works with it.


Been checking out Hyundai Kona Electric reviews, seems like a pretty sweet EV that would fill the needs of average joe.


2 weeks with the Seat and sofar everything goes well.
I give it a good clean and it still shines really nice for its age.
Also the wheels look still cool 17inch allmost damage free.
I hope to keep them that way lol :smiley:

I will see if i can post some pics of it wenn i have time.
Allthough a Seat isnt probablly that interesting to post.

I still have allot of things to do with it like some work on the interiour.
And a service maintaince.
And i need to put a radio in it.

The only major complain i have about it is that it looks sportier then it really is.
Because it isnt really that fast lol.
Overtakings take a littlebit more precission timming right now,
in compairisson to my dads Merc.
But yeah the Merc also has more then double the amount of Horsepowers :smiley:


Well, this is the $100 dollar jet ski.
Passed the lake it’ll take it on if I get it running.

I have the other air filters.

Mmm, electrical problems…

Well, I don’t know if I’m willing to put the time and money into fixing it, but I’ll start with some basic troubleshooting and see where that leads me.


So, confirmed, my girlfriend is slightly odd (in a cool/crazy way).

Looking for a small car locally (western australia).

She’s been looking and the things she’s liked the look of so far this morning (and sent through gumtree links for):

  • Daihatsu Feroza
  • Suzuki Mighty Boy
  • Suzuki Jimny

Definitely not the typical chick taste in cars… :smiley:

Realistically i think she’s going to end up with a 2L NA Impreza (R model). I’ve only just recently picked up from here and other US forums/sites that Impreza are the Vape Lord car of choice.

She’s Vaping as a stepping stone off nicotine :smiley:


I’ll be so disappointed if you don’t get the Mighty Boy

I’ve got an Impreza…